June 2016 Global Defence & Security Industry - Military - Army News

TLVS/MEADS prototypes make their debut at ILA 2016
TLVS MEADS prototypes make their debut at ILA 2016 640 001
For the first time ever, visitors to this year’s ILA exhibition have the opportunity to view all the TLVS/MEADS prototypes. The Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS) is based on the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), the development of which was concluded at the end of 2014. In June 2015, the Bundeswehr decided to implement TLVS on the basis of MEADS.

15th Chinese peacekeeping force to be fully deployed to Lebanon
15th-Chinese-peacekeeping-force-to-be-fully-deployed-to-Lebanon-640-001 The 2nd batch of officers and soldiers of the 15th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon arrived at their barracks located in south Lebanon on May 26. With the arrival of these 100 troops, the 15th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon has been fully deployed in its mission area.

MBDA and Rheinmetall to unveil its new air defence system that can fire on the move
MBDA-and-Rheinmetall-air-defense-640-001 For the first time at the ILA Berlin Air Show, MBDA Deutschland, together with its industrial partner Rheinmetall, is exhibiting a system concept for close- and very close-range protection against airborne threats. This solution ensures highly mobile escort protection as well as immediate firing readiness and integrates seamlessly within the TLVS system architecture as a further possible element of integrated air defence.

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