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GICAT is the professional group representing the industrial sector supplying equipment to the French Land forces and exports Land and Air land equipment.
Today’s set-up provides GICAT with a platform for maintaining its ongoing relationships with the national public departments, the DGA (General Delegation for Armament), the Land Forces Headquarters (EMAT) and the Army Headquarters (EMA). It also provides the opportunity to play an international role, particularly where Europe is concerned, through its representation within the ASD (European Association for Aerospace and Defence Industries) and ELDIG, its representation in the Land sector. Furthermore, GICAT has initiated specific relationships with the Gendarmerie (Military Police) and the National Police Force in the HoGICAT in a national role

GICAT in a national role
GICAT’s strong representation in the French Land and Air land Defence industry, and its growing impact in its relationship with the Public sector, specifically the Ministry of Defence, have reinforced its federating role among Land and Air land industrial organisations as well as its coordinating role within its own divisions where a strategy is defined for the Land , Air Land and security sector and its ambassadorial role with Public or governmental institutions.

GICAT members are not only particularly interested in the sector aspects and specificities of the Land and Air land equipment, but also very attentive about the French Defence industry’s general problems as a whole. For this reason, GICAT played a major role in CIDEF’s reorganisation in January 2002 (Advisory Council for French Defence Industries), of which it is a founding and active member.

CIDEF brings together various French Defence industry groups and professional associations, i.e. GICAN, GICAT and GIFAS.

CIDEF has organised committees, which are in charge of common subjects regarding the industrial Defence sectors (budget, international affairs and regulation). These committees enable GICAT members to be involved in defending French industry’s general interests, both nationally and internationally and in reinforcing its specific role regarding the Land and Air land sectors.


Press Release
GICAT is present at Paris Air show le Bourget 2009
GICAT and its subsidiary EUROSATORY can be seen on a stand Hall 6/A14 at Le Bourget.
12 June 2009
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CILAS is delivering two SLD 500 counter snipers systems to the US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC).
CILAS is delivering two SLD 500 counter snipers systems to the US Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC). The order was placed last December after several trials campaigns in various weather and distance conditions.
08 June 2009

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Thales’s DISCUS sensor and surveillance system selected by Canadian army
Thales has been awarded a $12.5 million Persistence Surveillance Towers System contract by the Government of Canada. The Thales Deployable Integrated Sensors for CompoUnd Security (DISCUS) system, will provide the Canadian Army with the ability to protect personnel against improvised explosive devices through the use of persistent wide area observation, detection, identification and monitoring.
03 June 2009
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French army tests Sagem’s new tactical terminal for direct reception of images from UAV systems
The French army’s 61st Artillery Regiment recently field tested the new ERS-RVT terminal designed by Sagem, a SAFRAN Group company, for tactical data exchange and direct image reception from the Sperwer UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) (1). ERS-RVT stands for End Reception Station – Remote Video Terminal.
07 May 2009
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Thales’s LibertyTM Radio Receives FCC Approval Liberty Multiband Land Mobile Radio Achieves Industry Milestone
Thales, a pioneer and global leader in the development, manufacture, and support of multiband, software-defined radio (SDR) equipment, announces that its LibertyTM multiband land mobile radio (LMR) has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification. The Liberty radio has successfully passed all required tests, and the FCC has issued a “grant of equipment authorization.”
27 April 2009
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Paris Strategy Centre Information and Communication System enters operational service
A highly strategic information system serving more than 2,000 users within the French chain of command • A project in two phases for entry into operational service over the period 2008-2012.
27 April 2009
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Sagem selected to modernize German army’s multiple launch rocket system
Sagem (SAFRAN Group) was selected in an international competition to upgrade the navigation and pointing systems of the German army’s Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).
04 March 2009
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Successful first firing test of the Sagem AASM 125 air-to-ground weapon  
On January 27, 2009, Sagem (SAFRAN Group) and the French defense procurement agency DGA successfully carried out the first firing test of the 125-kilogram version of the AASM modular air-to-ground weapon. This successful test was a major step forward in the development of the AASM family.
13 February 2009
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Integcomm, EADS Defence & Security and Saab Grintek Technologies have been selected to equip the Eastern Cape province of South Africa with the latest state-of-the-art TETRA technology.
Integcomm has won a close-to-a-billion rand contract to build a digital command-and-control network for the South African Police Service (SAPS), in the Eastern Cape.
09 February 2009
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MBDA establishes a gap in defeating extra-hardened targets.
MBDA has validated a new bomb body, offering penetration and blast capabilities that are significantly superior to those associated with the standard NATO 2,000 lb penetration bombs. The concept behind this type of munition is the ability to remain intact while passing through a thick reinforced concrete fortification before detonating on the other side.
06 February 2009
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Indian Army Opts for MBDA’s MILAN Anti-Tank Missile
The procurement section of the Indian Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Indian defence contractor BDL (Bharat Dynamics Ltd.) for the supply of MILAN missiles to the Indian Army. Signed on 3rd December 2008, this contract will see BDL continuing its production under licence agreement with MBDA for the MILAN missile for at least another four years.
27 January 2009
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GICAT is the professional group representing the industrial sector supplying equipment to the French Land forces and exports Land and Air land equipment.
In 1999, the group’s particularity led the Land Army Chief of Staff and the Chairman of GICAT to sign a partnership agreement, which has had important, concrete implications. For example, the Land Army-Land Defence Industry Convention held on 30 May 2000 brought together thousands of representatives of industrial organisations and military staff focussing on the theme of the Land Forces’ equipment, the 2001 and 2002 campaigns which highlighted to Parliament and Cabinet Ministries the necessity for a considerable budget to be allocated to a professional land army, the action required at a European level for improving the harmonisation of the operational requirements of their land forces. Also to be noted, are the joint information campaigns, Industry-Land Army units, which have occurred since 1999, the high level meetings held between the Land Army and GICAT and, lastly, joint working groups, DCMAT-GICAT-DGA about the Operational Condition Situation (MCO). A new codicil to this partnership was signed in February 2007 by the Land Army Chief of Staff and Chairman of GICAT. This codicil brings together the DGA and the Army Headquarters and highlights the fields where common action will take place in 2007 and 2008.

GICAT Organisation


Chairman: Patrick TRAMIER (MBDA) - Chief program: Bernard REFALO
This section deals with the main upcoming changes (services, logistical support, employment policy, fleet asset management, public and private partnership, ammunitions sector…) as well as national markets in progress. It also deals with establishing a defence policy for the terrestrial and aero terrestrial sector.
It comprises of three projects:
- Defence policy for the terrestrial and aero terrestrial sector
- Changes in the support and services policy
- Small and Medium companies (SMC)



Chairman: Philippe Isambert - Chief Program: Jean-Albert Epitalon
This section is based on supporting and developing France’s presence in European and worldwide markets.
- Development of international cooperation
- Support for Defence export
- Eurosatory & GICAT - COGES Development



Chairman: Jean-Francois Coutris - Chief program: Laetitia Blandin
This section refers to information (gathering, highlighting, and distributing to members), development and enhancement of GICAT’s image.
- Services to members and other sections
- Strategic information
- Development Project

Development offers GICAT the opportunity to open up into new sectors of activity for its members and reinforce its analysis on specific subjects, particularly the BITD, and enable continuity within French Defence industrial structures.

Contact GICAT:
Official Web site :
Phone : +33 (0)1 44 14 58 20
Gicat Services
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GICAT's objectives are
- maintaining and developing contacts with the land Army headquarters and sub command levels (DCMAT-STAT), Army Headquarters, the DGA, Gendarmerie and National police force, as well as any other public organisations involved.

- underlining the specific problems of Land and Air land Defence industrial organisations to political and military authorities;

- issuing proposals for rationalising, improving and simplifying administrative procedures (e.g. export control procedures), particularly for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises);

- organising exchanges of information between users, arms system creators and industrial and manufacturing organisations, both in France and abroad;

- improving relationships between large industrial organisations and SMEs and contributing to the maintaining the right balance in their negotiations

Promoting French Land and Air land equipment by :

-organising the EUROSATORY international exhibition periodically in France
- informing its members on exhibitions and show opportunities abroad and persuading them to participate in them as much as possible,
- encouraging or organising meetings with foreign industrial organisations and headquarters in coordination with the DGA-DDI.

- Reinforcing, with the support of members of parliament or MinDef high representatives, the export of Defence equipment by organising group seminars for the Land Defence industries, as recommended in the Fromion report.

- participating, by working closely with other associations or French GICAN and GIFAS groups within the CIDEF framework, in resolving common problems associated with the Defence industry coherently and in the work of the NATO's (NIAG) industrial consultation group and the ASD (European Association of Aerospace and Defence Industries);

- liaising with other European associations of Land and Air land Defence equipment manufacturers (exchanging information and consulting, organising shows and common declarations…)

- contributing to the development of European Defence by facilitating exchanges and international cooperation, whilst maintaining the principle of European solidarity and reciprocity.

- Representing the Land Defence industry within the ASD (Aerospace Defence) and its sector's group, ELDIG (European Land Defence Industry Group), through a national perspective and being active within the ad hoc and public working groups.

GICAT brings together companies, associations, organisations or people whose activities are dedicated to:

- study

- development

- manufacturing of equipment, Land, Air land and security equipment, as well as supplies and various services provided to them and their logistical support.

- the promotion and marketing of this equipment manufactured in France