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The remotely controlled combat module designed by Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) for the T-15 infantry fighting vehicle on Armata platform will undergo preliminary trials this year, the annual statement of the enterprise said. "The production of remotely-controlled combat module DUBM-57 (also Kinzhal) is nearing completion. Its automatic 57mm guns were test fired," it said.

New Russian-made multipurpose tracked minelayer vehicle called UMZ-G unveiled at Army-2019, the International Military Technical Forum in Russia. The UMZ-G can be based on T-72 or T-90 main battle chassis without any turret but fitted with 3 rows of 3 multiple payload rotary launchers with fixed elevation mechanisms able to lay anti-personnel, anti-paratrooper or anti-tank mines.

A BT-3F armored personnel carrier (APC) meant for the Russian Armed Forces will be armed with a 30 mm gun, which will replace 7.62mm and 12.7 mm machine-guns, Sergei Abdulov, the chief designer of JSC SKBM, an affiliate of the High-Precision Systems Holding Company, has told TASS.

In the area assigned to the innovations that the organizers want to put forward, two unmanned aerial vehicles are displayed: the Korsar and the Okhotnik (Hunter). Army Recognition already presented the Korsar. Now, just a picture and a few words about the Hunter.

The “Sosna” air defense missile system works on a passive way, which means it doesn’t have any radio frequency emission means, a key asset for concealed operation. The system is intended to protect military units against air attacks and reconnaissance means, and to engage soft-skin ground targets, by day and night, whatever the weather conditions are. The novelty at Army 2019 is that the system is based on a BMP-3 chassis.

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