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BAE Systems has been awarded a new 15-year contract for the supply of munitions to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). The contract, worth £2.4bn, will sustain approximately 4,000 jobs across the UK. This new agreement, which will supersede the current contract due to conclude at the end of 2022, will guarantee the delivery of munitions products and engineering support to the UK Armed Forces.

New tactics, techniques and procedures were in the focus of this year’s major Live Firing exercise of the Alliance's Air and Missile Defense (AMD) forces, Ryan Chan reports on his Twitter account. In addition to range and combat-effectiveness, network centric capabilities characterise modern AMD forces. Therefore, technical innovation and the consistent orientation to dynamic mission requirements are both task and necessity.

The Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant (Refinery) of the Shvabe holding of the Rostec State Corporation has produced the first industrial batch of optical sights designed to operate at short and medium distances. The devices will be supplied to customers in Russia and Western Europe.

According to Yonhap Agency, a newly upgraded interceptor missile, often dubbed the Korean equivalent of the U.S.-made Patriot missile defense system, has been delivered to the South Korean Air Force, the arms procurement agency said on November 26.

Lieutenant-General Per Pugholm Olsen of the Danish Armed Forces is the new Commander of the NATO Mission Iraq, following a change of command ceremony held in Baghdad on 24 November 2020. He succeeds Major-General Jennie Carignan of the Canadian Armed Forces, who had assumed command of the mission in November 2019.

On 13 November 2020, the French Delegation for Armaments (DGA) qualified the command post vehicle (EPC) variant of the Griffon armored vehicle. At the same time, the first vehicles are being submitted for acceptance by the DGA's quality department at the Roanne site. Therefore, the three first Griffon EPC have been delivered to the Army technical section (STAT) which will continue the operational evaluation of this equipment with its rapid deployment within the regiments in sight.

Galvion, a world leader in the design and manufacture of military power management solutions has entered Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) with their unique Symbasys SWitchPack i6T Li-ion vehicle battery. LRIP has commenced following a series of successful tests to validate compliance with the international standards for military batteries and to prove the system fully safe and ready for installation and use in military vehicles.

According to Waldemar Geiger in Soldat & Technik, the Bundeswehr intends to equip the infantry with unmanned ground vehicles for logistical purposes and is testing various systems available on the market in changing deployment scenarios as part of an R&T study.

From November 26 to December 10, around 50 Belgian soldiers are participating in the Steadfast Jupiter Jackal 2020 exercise, which takes place in Denmark. This NATO exercise constitutes the final test for the certification of the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2021. The 120 soldiers from three nations (Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium) will fly to the Oxbøl region. They have been training intensely since 2018.

On November 24, Army Recognition gave echo to information published by African Military Blog according which Uganda is the undisclosed African client who bought Otokar’s Arma 8×8 and Cobra II 4×4 armored vehicles. The Turkish manufacturer denies that Uganda is this client, while not being authorized to disclose the actual country name. But Otokar confirms it’s the first sale of its Arma 8x8 on the African continent.

According to a picture of the Portuguese army found by Victor Barreira who simply re-published it on Opex Defence 360 Twitter account with only the technical data concerning the vehicle's armament, military exercise Orion 2020 is going on. In 2005, the Portuguese government signed a deal worth 364 million euros to acquire 260 Pandur II armored vehicles, with an option for further 33 worth 140 million euros, to equip the Portuguese Intervention Brigade of the Portuguese Army and the marines of the Portuguese Navy.

According to a press release published on November 23, 2020, the Swiss company RUAG has signed a contract with the Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds and, as the most important supplier, has secured a comprehensive order as part of the Swiss Army's extension of use of the armored infantry fighting vehicles CV9030 (Nutzungsverlängerung Schützenpanzer 2000).

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