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About DAT-CON Defence

DAT - CON is a systems integrator and component manufacturer located in Slovenia with a 30-year tradition. The company has ISO9001 and 27001 certificates. We are one of the world's leading providers of multi-sensor systems and integrated surveillance solutions for security and surveillance applications such as border and port protection, maritime surveillance, coastal observation, anti-drone system, and critical infrastructure protection. Many references related to border and infrastructure security across and outside of the EU distinguished us through the years.

Business Area

Armoured Manufacturer
DAT – CON offers specialized mobile and stationary observation solutions mainly used for coastal and land border control. We also provide system integration, development of electronic applications, special measuring, and multimedia equipment. The established partnerships with market leaders in thermal imaging, optics, and communications opened new paths for company development. We made a successful entry into the European market through active participation in the international tenders for special equipment and significantly contributed to the achievement of Schengen accession standards with our remarkably efficient border control systems. In the law enforcement, crime prevention and control industry, DAT - CON has developed exceptional systems which are widely used by the criminal police and state security services.

Company Details

DAT-CON Defence has ISO 9001 quality management certification, as well as ISO 27001 certification for information security management systems. Based on the Law on private protection, DAT-CON Defence has obtained a license for the design and implementation of technical protection systems.


DAT – CON d.o.o., Cvetlična ulica 52, 3313 Polzela, Slovenia
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Phone: +386 3 7033 300
Fax: + 386 35720 408
Website: www.dat-con-defence.com
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Anti-drone system
Ejder Yalcin 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured combat vehicle Nurol Makina Turley Turkish defense industry 925 001

Anti-drone system comes with a multitude of features that include 4 major subsystems (Radar, long-range observation system, RF Detector and high-power radio frequency jammer) all connected together. It is tested and verified in Border protection projects and airports. Used to detect, recognize, identify and apply soft and hard kill against flying objects, the system runs 24/7 continuously. Our solution can be fixed or integrated into mobile or portable solutions that are managed from our command-and-control software SOVA.

Multi-sensor system

NMS 4x4 armoured vehicle manufacturer producer Nurol Makina Turkey Turkish defense security industry 925 001

Multi-sensor system is equipped with a day and night vision system which allows observation under all weather conditions even in fog, rain or snow. The system is equipped with a thermal camera and a day-night high-resolution camera with very high optical zoom placed on a movable pan-tilt platform. The platform is able to turn the cameras in all directions, both in azimuth and elevation. The system can be controlled from the vehicle’s operator's place or remotely by the existing C&CC.

The system can be used in:
- Terrestrial vehicles (its compact size and weight is ideal for installation also in smaller vehicles
without sacrificing performance)
- Portable systems (takes advantage of high performance to weight and size ratio)
- Fixed installation (can compete in performance with much bigger and heavier systems)
- Coastal observation
- Border protection
- Port protection
- Maritime surveillance
- Surveillance of critical infrastructures

Pan-Tilt Systems
Ejder Yalcin 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured combat vehicle Nurol Makina Turley Turkish defense industry 925 001

DAT-CON develop and produce our own line of Pan-Tilt Systems. Ranging from the smallest and most compact to heavy-duty units, DAT – CON Pan-Tilt Systems deliver high performance for different payloads. Gyro stabilization and target tracking modules are available and perform with high accuracy in the most demanding conditions. The high power-to-weight ratio and compact size make them suitable for mobile solutions. All units comply with IP67 standards and are suitable for land, air and sea applications. The mechanical assembly kit and software package can be fully customized to meet customer specifications. Units also offer a unique integration of electro-optical sensors and radar with a single telescopic mast to avoid any dead zone in the observation area. DAT - CON pan-tilt units have been in daily use protecting the Schengen border 24/7 for more than 10 years. Custom configuration is available on all units.

Vehicle modification
Ejder Yalcin 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured combat vehicle Nurol Makina Turley Turkish defense industry 925 001

The vehicle modification changes the basic model of the vehicle and creates an added-value product. Our design team finds a way to the best useful solution. Each modification is carefully installed and thoroughly tested by our design team before being handed over to the customer.

We offer different types of modifications:
- Mobile observation system (equipped with the multi-sensor system and radar for border protection, etc.)
- Mobile office (tool inspection, insurance companies, etc.)
- Mobile lab (blood collection, Methadone therapy, etc.)
- Mobile studio (radio and TV for signal transmission and live broadcasting)

Available are different types of equipment: generators, batteries, additional lights, storage for special tools, cameras, additional windows, and additional screen wipers.