ELSEL “LIVET” Remotely Controlled Dual Weapons System

ELSEL “LIVET” Remotely Controlled Dual Weapons System
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The Light Vehicular Turret (LIVET) is designed and manufactured by ELSEL s.r.l., an Italian company with 30+ years of experience in the defense sector. LIVET is the only product of this type purposely designed to be very open to customization and upgrade, so it can easily accept any type of payload at customer choice (obviously within some weight and recoil limit). It is primarily designed for use on light wheeled or tracked combat vehicles, fast attack boats and other platforms requiring improved offensive capabilities. It can also be easily networked for use in centralized static installations, e.g. to protect sensitive sites or for border surveillance.

The fire control system allows engagement of targets by day and night; the electrical, fully digital servo systems and the primarily stabilized line of fire (2 axes), ensure a high accuracy of fire, also on the move, while keeping the gunner safe and secure within the vehicle.

Despite of its low weight (less than 160kg) and size, it’s able to mount two medium caliber weapons for maximum firepower (e.g. both a .50MG and a 40AGL), providing also light vehicles with the capability to effectively engage lightly armored targets.

The wide variety of installable weapons makes it a standard choice for a full range of vehicles/platforms with different mission profiles like surveillance, patrolling in urban environment, border security, counter-sniper and asymmetric missions. Typical combinations are:

•    .50MG +40AGL to engage armoured vehicles

•    .50MG + 7.62 to engage troops

•    2x.50MG for high fire volume (e.g. against low flying helicopters)

•    2x.50 MG with different ammo (e.g. Ball and AP)

Also rockets, missiles or other equipment’s can be installed for more specialized missions, always using the same base components to reduce maintenance, spare parts and logistics overhead.

Lightweight and simplicity allow its installation also on light tactical or utility vehicles;the installation takes less than one hour to a non-skilled engineer: only few screws, three electrical cables among the unit and a cable to the vehicle battery. No other interface with the vehicle is required.

Due to all these characteristics, LIVET represents the baseline for a common armament platform to be used with different weapons across a variety of vehicles, allowing the customer to reduce the total ownership cost.

This product has successfully passed both the qualification tests and the firing test andnow is going to be sampled to selected customers.

Finally, all the components are ITAR/EAR free so there are no special export restrictions.

- The weapons stands are to be customized for the weapons of customer choice.
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Technical Data 
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The new LIVET RCWS is the outcome of an entirely new design started from scratch to avoid any possible bias deflecting the design from its goals. It is designed to provide the maximum versatility to the end user and it virtually covers any possible needs of light vehicles (up to AFV size). The maindesign effort was to keep the whole system as simple as possible being the number of parts the  most important driver for reliability, weight,  maintenance costs etc. We also reduced the use of custom design parts in favor of high quality industrial components to leverage on already optimized production processes. The turret consists of a sturdy monocoque structure made of ERGAL with two stands to host the payloads. This type of structural design maximizes the torsional strength for a given weight: the same shell that provides protection to the inside mechanical and electronic components, also plays a fundamental structural role. The design is very clean and neither components nor any electrical cables are exposed outside the shell. Furthermore, if required, adding further ballistic protection is an easy task due to the completely flat external surfaces. The two weapons are mounted on independent elevation gears: it is possible to aim at the target with the sight while introducing a remarkable ballistic correction on the weapon (eg. 40 AGL). The installation on the vehicle doesn’t require any penetration of the hull (only a small hole for the wiring) leaving all the internal space available to the crew.

Also the number of the “below deck” units is reduced to an absolute minimum: only the control handles and the system monitor with no additional power supplies, junction boxes and similar stuff. The cabling is reduced to only 3 cables for the full system plus the power supply from the vehicle battery. The power supply is directly from vehicular system and accepts both 12 and 24Vdc (also with positive to GND) to be compatible with any eastern and western country vehicle. The total height is small to allow a hassle free air lift of the vehicle. For non-tactical air/sea transportation, the turret could be removed in less than 10 minutes with no special tool. Despite of its low weight and small size, it’s able to mount two weapons of customer choice for maximum firepower (e.g. both a .50MG and a 40AGL or two .50MG), giving also to very light vehicles the capability to effectively engage lightly armored targets. The wide variety of installable weapons makes it a standard choice for various vehicles/platforms with different mission profiles. Now installing a two weapons system on light vehicles become a viable option without worrying about the vehicle center of mass. The sight module is a fully featured one, including, in its standard configuration, two daylight cameras (NFOV and WFOV), a high resolution uncooled IR camera and an eye-safe laser rangefinder. It is completely designed in-house so it can be easily customized to match its performances with the weapons of choice. The Fire Control Computer includes all the standard features (weapon and sight management, ballistic and cinematic computation, graphical overlay etc.) and it is easily customizable to suit specific customers need in function of the installed weapons. Each control axis (the traverse and the two elevations) is provided with a multi-turn absolute encoder providing accurate angular position with respect to the platform, thus allowing the control of the weapons from an external director (e.g. in naval applications). Theturret body is completely sealed (IP66), it could be used without any concern in amphibious or naval applications and can be washed or decontaminated without any concern. It is designed in compliance with MIL-STD-810F for both ground and marine applications including high and low temperature, salt fog, humidity, fungus, etc. Future developments include the automatic tracker and an electronic image stabilization to always keep the weapon on the target and the image perfectly still, also on the move.

Only 3 units and few cables to install.

Neither accurate machining nor alignment are required.
ELSEL remotely controlled dual weapons system fire control
Command and control
LIVET system is composed of only 3 units, the first one is installed above deck, and it includes armament module, sight module, ammunition boxes, azimuth and elevation actuators, slip ring etc. The second part is installed below deck. It includes the operator console (with the Fire Control Computer) and the control handles.

The fire control system and weapon management includes all the standard functions (weapon selection single shot, adjustable length burst, low rate burst, ballistic and cinematic computation and so on). The operator interface features a 10.5” color display console for target identification and engagement, along with a dual handle that controls sight and weapon selection, aiming and firing. LIVET is a very modular weapons station, and allow the user to continue utilizing the weapons already in use by the Army. The machine guns can be any caliber up to the .5” range.

The elevation angle is intrinsically unlimited, being restricted only by the weapon hitting the vehicle roof. For a .5” MG, a range of -20°/+80° is very reasonable.

Reaching such elevation angle is mandatory in urban warfare, in order to engage targets at the top of high buildings, and during peacekeeping operations where there is a need for a non-aggressive profile (featuring a special mode that decouples the weapon from the sight pod, LIVET is also ideal for reconnaissance and peace-keeping missions). Also a wide depression angle is required, both for urban environment (enemy shooters from sewer covers) and for stationary installation on building top.

A wide range of products and support services is available (spare parts & tools management, repair and overhaul, maintenance, technical assistance, training, manuals, configuration management, etc.).
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Main Components
-Turret with 2 weapon’s pods, 3 independent actuators, slipring

-Sight with 2 high resolution Colour CCD day camera (dual field of view), 640x320 uncooled, shutterless IR camera, eyesafe laser rangefinder (laser protection class 1,not to detect with night vision devices based on image intensifier tubes)

-Operator console

-Control handle

-Motion actuator


-Up to 0.5” machine gun

-40mm AGL

-Up to 0.5” machine gun

-40mm AGL
-Elevation angle: unlimited
-Weight: less than 160 kg w/o weapons and ammunitions

-Height : 634 mm w/o weapons

-High reliability, maintainability and availability for 
a low Life Cycle Cost (LCC)


-Electrical recocking device

-Smoke launchers- Electronic image stabilization plus autotracking

-Ballistic protection up to level 1: MIL-STD-4569

Detail views  
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