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With a 60+ year track record in armour integration, CENTIGON provides secure, armoured mobility including cash-in-transit, passenger and military vehicles. With extensive manufacturing and R&D expertise, CENTIGON vehicles protect against multiple ballistic threats (from handgun to armour piercing + blast effects).

A systematic control of the materials is conducted in our laboratory to ensure traceability; we’ve conducted several full-vehicle tests over the past decade using reputable independent testing facilities (Qinetiq, TNO,Mellrichstadt…).

CENTIGON France SAS is one of the five factories in the Centigon Security Group. The Centigon Security Group represents 1400 armoured vehicles from 1 to 40 tons per year and employs 500 employees worldwide
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ZI 42 rue d’Armor BP 90447
22404 Lamballe Cedex


Bruno Tanqueray
Director, Business Development and R&D
Tel: +33 (0)2 96 50 12 67
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: https://www.centigon.com/

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Fortress 200
Centigon Fortress 200 250 001
The Fortress 200 based on the Toyota LC200 is certified to Stanag 4569 level 1 or VR7, ensuring protection levels of armoured vehicle occupants. It successfully passed a side blast of 15kg TNT charge detonated at 2m, 6kg TNT under the front wheel (Stanag 2a), a mine explosion (1x DM31 mine) under the floor, and the explosion of two DM51 hand grenades simultaneously detonated on the roof. It offers great comfort for all passengers while maintaining its off-road capabilities.
The passenger cabin including the luggage area is fully protected from the firewall to the back doors. The floor, in addition to DM51 protection, can be protected against DM31 mine explosion.
Fortress Intervention
Centigon Fortress Intervention 250 001
The Fortress Intervention is armoured to STANAG 4569 level 2 and withstands side blast of 15kg TNT at 2m. Designed for special operations forces, the interior is modular and can be used for different missions: hostage situations, surveillance, escort convoy, pursuit... The rear double doors, the ballistic removable flanks and the roof hatch act as a shield to protect the occupants under fire. Certified to circulate in France, the Fortress Intervention can also be used in external operations theatres.
Both the passenger and storage compartments are entirely protected, from the firewall to the rear double doors. The roof and floor of the vehicle can withstand 2 DM51 hand grenades exploding simultaneously.
FLAMS (Fast Light Armoured Assault Modular System)
Centigon FLAMS 250 001
The Centigon FLAMS (Fast Light Armoured Assault Modular System) covers a wide range of crisis situations for police law enforcement agencies and military intervention teams: Counter Terrorist (CT) and Hostage Rescue (HR).The system is designed to provide a multi-role capability vehicle that enables rapid access to various heights up to 8m above ground level. Specifically designed for urban and aircraft intervention, the system is lightweight and easy to operate. The level of protection is B6 (VPAM Kl.7)
The vehicle is intended to be fitted with a detachable assault structure composed of various accessories for the crossing of obstacles or facilitating access to heights on ordinary or special objectives.
Fortress 76
Centigon Fortress 76 250 001
The armoured Fortress 76 offers a high level of protection in a rugged and tough 4x4 vehicle. The use of many original parts enables these vehicles to be serviced by local mechanics or even the crew itself. The armored Land Cruiser 76 is the perfect platform for missions on difficult terrains around the world, and can carry up to 9 persons. The level of protection is B7 (VPAM Kl.9).
The protection includes: four doors, complete glass, windshield pillars, front header, roof rails, roof, pillars between doors, rear lateral faces, firewall partially. The floor is protected against (2) DM51 grenades per sqm.
Centigon Renard 250 001
Designed to seat up to 12 people, the Renard by Centigon is the perfect fit for peace keeping operations. With various armouring levels available, the Renard provides optimal protection to the occupants, from B6 (VPAM Kl.7) to B7 (VPAM Kl.9) and STANAG 4569 level 2.
Thanks to its robust and powerful 4x4 chassis, the Renard offers greater payload and towing capacities. Modular and flexible, the interior layout and equipment adapt to each mission’s operational needs: counter-terrorism, riot control, fast and secure personnel transportation.
The armoured monocoque hull is made of high-hardened armour steel. This ensures that the occupants and the key components of the vehicle stay protected from ballistic threats and DM51 hand grenades.
The Renard can be offered with a special polyurethane coating (Line-X™) that not only increases protection against explosives but also provides better resistance against abrasion and corrosion.
Riot Control Vehicle
Centigon Riot Control Vehicle 250 001
This vehicle incorporates the traditional riot control functionalities including a complete set of infrared cameras and high recording capacities. Built to STANAG 2/B6 (VPAM Kl.7) standards, the Centigon Riot Control Vehicle provides a unique environment to protect the crew and is ideal to support CENTIGON Big Bear operations. The Centigon Riot Control Vehicle is presently designed on a Mercedes ATEGO chassis but can be produced on several chassis. The payload of the vehicle is 16 tons but additional payload is available upon request.
Black Scorpion
Centigon Black Scorpion 250 001
Tactical mobility combined with ballistic protection make the Black Scorpion especially dedicated for peacekeeping and interposition forces in the area of low and medium intensity asymmetric conflicts. Fitted with suitable armament, the FAV can be easily integrated in almost any multi-mission task force.
• Troop and combat tactical logistics transport
• Long-range reconnaissance capability
• Convoy escort
• Interception of enemy convoys
• Neutralization of isolated strongholds
The armoured hull is fabricated from high-hardness armor steel providing protection for occupants and critical components from ballistic and blast threats while providing an open-bed logistics platform for intervention requirements. The vehicle is protected up to the level 1 of STANAG 4569.
Exchangeable cabin
Centigon Exchangeable Cabin 250 001
The exchangeable armored cab concept is the simple and cost-effective way to protect your crew when they need it most. This simple to install cab requires only 16 hours for 2 persons to replace the original truck cabin.
The ballistic protection includes the perimeter and floor according to STANAG 4569, level 2.


Centigon L-APC
Centigon L APC 250 001
The Centigon Toyota Light APC is the ideal low-cost platform for riot control action in urban and off-road environments. With a high level of armored protection and enhanced capabilities over rough terrain, the L-APC is the ultimate law enforcement tool. It can accommodate a crew of up to 8 members. The vehicle is highly armoured and offer a level of protection up to STANAG 4569 level 2.
The armored monocoque hull is fabricated from high-hardness armor steel providing protection for occupants and critical components from ballistic and blast threats including DM51 grenades and anti-personnel mines. The PU coating provides further blast protection as well as superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
The world-renowned reliability of the Toyota HZJ79, combined with a strong armor package, provides the ultimate security when law enforcement crew is in harm’s way.
Range Rover L405
Centigon Range Rover L 405 250 001
The L405 Range Rover is the world’s most complete SUV providing ultimate driving refinement and capability. The armoured Range Rover by Centigon is an excellent choice for executive protection and VIP transport. The vehicle is fully armoured including the tail gate. Available in several levels of protection, the armoured Range Rover can be fitted with amour kits: from B4 (VPAM Kl. 5) through to B6 (VPAM Kl. 7).
Centigon has the possibility to stretch the vehicle by 30 cm or even more, the roof can be raised and rear doors can be reversed.
The protection includes: five doors, all glasses, rear lateral faces, front/central/rear pillars, rear face, roof, firewall, front and rear headers, and rocker panels. The floor is protected against 2 DM51 grenades per square meter.