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The atmosphere is heating up as World Defense Show 2024, under the patronage of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, confirms a growing list of air and land assets arriving for the event in February. The air assets include established mission aircraft, fighter jets, helicopters, UAVs and the latest electric aircraft, while armored vehicles and tanks will be shown on the land side. This unique collection of manned and unmanned technology will form an effective showcase of the capabilities of future multi-domain operations.

MBDA Spain has announced that deliveries of the new Mistral 3 anti-aircraft missiles for the Armed Forces will begin in 2026. María Durán, General Director of MBDA Spain, confirmed a ten-year contract for the supply of missiles and modernization of launch posts, with deliveries starting in the third year.

In December 2024, Armin Papperger, the CEO of Rheinmetall, announced - as reported by Bild newspaper - the start of production for the Fuchs 6x6 armored vehicles and KF41 Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) in Ukraine, beginning in 2024. This initiative signifies a major milestone in industrial expansion and defense collaboration between Germany and Ukraine.

The United States is set to supply Ukraine with a new long-range precision bomb, potentially altering the dynamics on the battlefield. Politico, an American digital newspaper, reported on January 30, 2024, that the U.S. has successfully tested these weapons, which are expected to be deployed as early as Wednesday. This report, based on information from two U.S. officials, indicates a significant escalation in U.S. support for Ukraine amid ongoing conflicts.

The U.S. Army has achieved a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and capabilities of its High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) fleet, Sam Tricomo, U.S. Army, reports. Recently, the Army's Program Executive Office Combat Support & Combat Service Support (PEO CS&CSS) celebrated the successful installation of the 10,000th anti-lock brake and electronic stability control (ABS/ESC) kit on these versatile vehicles.

Mass production of the Russian combat drone S-70 Okhotnik-B is set to begin soon, marking a significant milestone in the development of this aircraft designed by Sukhoi. The initial ground tests took place in the autumn of 2018, followed by its maiden flight in August of the following year, alongside the Su-57 Felon combat aircraft. These events were confirmed through photographs released by the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to some reports, deliveries of the first models are expected to commence in 2024.

On January 28, 2024, Slovakia marked a significant step in its strategy to strengthen national air defense capabilities by expressing its intention to acquire the U.S. Patriot missile defense system. This announcement was made by Defense Minister Robert Kalinak during his appearance on the state television channel RTVS. He highlighted Slovakia's strategic interest in the Patriot system, emphasizing its acquisition as a key element in the country's ongoing modernization of its defense arsenal.

US weapons sales overseas rose sharply last year, Max Matza reports on BBC News, reaching a record total of $238bn (£187bn), as Russia's invasion of Ukraine stoked demand. The US government directly negotiated $81bn in sales, a 56% increase from 2022. The rest were direct sales by US defense companies to foreign nations.

The much-anticipated World Defense Show (WDS) 2024, set to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from February 4th to 8th, 2024, promises to be a landmark event with global defense industry leaders showcasing their latest innovations. Among the highlights, Turkish defense company FNSS is poised to steal the spotlight with the world premiere of its groundbreaking PARS ALPHA, the latest addition to its renowned fleet of wheeled Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV). Visit FNSS at WDS 2024, Hall 1, Stand Number: A5 to discover the PARS ALPHA..

In December 2023, Burkina Faso, faced with security challenges posed by terrorist groups, acquired a new batch of mine-resistant and ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) from Egypt. These vehicles are the Buffalo E10, an upgraded version of the locally-produced Temsah-2 armored vehicle in Egypt.

Ohio Ordnance, an American company specializing in belt-fed firearms, made a significant impact at the SHOT Show 2024 by unveiling its Recoil Enhanced Automatic Precision Rifle (REAPR). Going beyond the realm of a precision rifle with improved recoil characteristics, the REAPR aims to revolutionize the world of modern standard light machine guns, particularly in the .338 Norma Magnum category.

India and France have solidified their commitment to cooperate on joint defense production endeavors, as reported by The Straits Times. During French President Emmanuel Macron's recent visit to India, both nations reached a consensus to engage in the manufacturing of defense equipment, including helicopters and submarines for the Indian armed forces, as well as production for friendly nations.

According to Srbija Danas on January 17, 2024, Serbia has recently finalized the purchase of 26 BTR-80A armored infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) from Hungary. This acquisition follows Hungary's decision to phase out these Russian-made vehicles in favor of more modern alternatives, such as the German-manufactured KF41 Lynx IFVs.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have reportedly received M60 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges (AVLBs), according to Military Land and the Twitter account Jeff2146. This marks a significant improvement in their military capabilities. These bridges, built on the chassis of the American M60 Patton tank, feature a scissor-type bridge that extends up to 18 meters. The United States committed to providing these vehicles to Ukraine in March 2023 as part of its military aid.

Before the end of March, the Indian Ministry of Defense is expected to confirm an order for 307 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS), following a proposal by the Indian Army. These systems are intended to be deployed along the borders with China and Pakistan. This development was revealed by Dr. Samir V Kamat, Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), in a conversation with ANI.

The new Rheinmetall ammunition plant in Várpalota, Hungary, currently being built by the Hungarian holding company N7 on behalf of the joint venture company Rheinmetall Hungary Munitions Zrt., is now poised to expand as planned. The second phase of construction started in January 2024.

According to the latest data released by the British Army Intelligence Services on January 29, 2024, the Russian army has experienced substantial losses in its armored vehicle fleet since the onset of the Ukraine War on February 24, 2022. Reports indicate a loss of approximately 2,600 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and 4,900 other armored combat vehicles, including Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), and artillery systems, up to January 25, 2024. 

France has pledged to contribute 3,000 155mm artillery rounds each month to bolster the Ukrainian Army's capabilities, Ukrinform reports. During the meeting, the Ukrainian delegation led by Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk outlined the current needs of the Ukrainian Army based on the evolving situation on the frontlines and potential future developments. The discussions also encompassed long-term military-technical cooperation to assist the Armed Forces in addressing potential threats.

On 26 January 2024, the U.S. Department of Defense called for the development of a new anti-missile defense system as part of the IFPC Inc 2 program. This program aims to improve defense capabilities against subsonic cruise missiles and other aerial threats. With a budget of $237.38 million over 2.5 years, this system will combine the range of the AIM-120D missile with the compactness of the AIM-9X, thus offering a more effective solution against modern aerial threats.

The JSW Group, primarily known for its presence in the steel and energy sectors, has recently marked its entry into the defense industry. This development comes as the group has secured a substantial order of 250 crores INR from the Indian Ministry of Defense, signifying a new era in diversifying its operations. The order was unveiled during the 75th National Parade in India, highlighting the significance of this initiative.

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