Marketing and Advertising in  Official Online Show Daily News of Defense Exhibitions
Army Recognition, Navy Recognition, Air Recognition online magazines and websites: The best place to promote your Defence & Security products and services. Whether your field is Army & Land Forces, Naval & Maritime defense or Aerospace defense, we guarantee to increase your global exposure and facilitate the exchange with your customers thanks to our marketing and advertising solutions.
Army Recognition is Official Media Partner for many international Defense and Security Shows 
with Online Show Daily News & Web TV.
Increase your exposure at defense and security events
with our advertising and marketing services 
Reach a global audience and increase your worldwide exposure during Defence & Security events with our Official Online Show Daily News
Marketing and Advertising on the online Defense & Security magazine Army Recognition
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Army Recognition online magazine covering Defence & Security industry and international exhibition.
Army Recognition website is in the TOP 10 of the most visited military websites in the world.
See it on, the reference for the Worldwide ranking web site

- More than 3,2 million unique visitors in 2019

Advertising on Army, it is a guarantee to reach:

- Up to 50,000 readers each day from 130 countries
- 8,000,000 pages read per month.

In 2019 more than 7,300,000 readers have visited
We cover all the Defence Exhibition in the World, with Daily News and photographs report online before, during and after events.
We offer datasheets to promote your vehicles and land forces equipment, vessels and naval equipment or aircraft and aerospace equipment.
We offer special campaigns during defence exhibitions.

Phone contacts:
+32 85 30 00 72 / +32 455 10 40 56

Promote your products and services with our Advertising & Marketing solutions
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Editorial - Advertorial - Product Page
- Detailed overview of one product or Company info
- Technical information
- Product details with Pictures gallery and/or video
- Referencing with our Search Engine Optimization IT Technology so the page appears in the top results of search engines
- Contact information with request forms, allowing potential
customers to send requests to your company by email

Price : 950 € per product or Company info

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Video on Online Official Show Daily News summary page

- Price: 5,000 €

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The above prices and options are available for all three websites (,, but are valid for only one website at a time.

If you wish to be present on several of our websites, let us know so we may submit a special quote.