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RENK France
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Business Area
RENK France, formerly known as SESM, is the French member of the RENK group. RENK France offers transmissions and powerpacks for tracked military vehicles.
The RENK group is one of the world leaders in the field of vehicle transmissions, gear units and bearings, for a broad range of applications and industries, including power engineering, marine and military.
Company details
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RENK France is located at 30 min. drive from Paris and the Charles de Gaulle airport.
At this location, on a total surface of 10,000m², our team focuses on the development, assembly, and testing of our transmissions and powerpacks. For this, advanced development tools are employed and a broad range of test benches up to 1,100kW is available.
RENK France is also an important service provider to the French armed forces, servicing all transmissions of the French Leclerc and AMX-30B2 fleets.
In recent years, RENK France acquired significant experience in international projects, both in upgrade programs of existing vehicles as well as in new production programs.
RENK France provides also to its customers, a direct support including trainings, documentations and spare parts for the maintenance of their equipment.
RENK France Contact information

Headquarters & International Markets

RENK France S.A.S.
67 rue d’Epluches
95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône
Tel: +33 1 34 48 37 00
Fax: +33 1 34 64 55 43

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Range of products summary
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POWERPACK 350S for T-72 / T-90 / M-84 / PT-91 tanks
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The POWERPACK 350 S consists in :
a Fully automatic transmission ESM350 and high performance cooling system by RENK France an a - 1000 / 1090 / 1200 hp engine by SCANIA
The POWERPACK 350 S is integrated in one single and highly compact block fitting into the T-type chassis without major modifications.

ENC200 – Upgrade packages for AMX-30 and derivatives
RENK France ENC 200 Automatic Transmission AMX 30 925 001
As the original designer of the transmission ENC200 of the French AMX30B2, RENK France offers also upgrade packages for the AMX30 and derivatives (air defence Shahine, artillery AUF1).
A modern diesel engine, up to 750hp, coupled to the semi-automatic transmission ENC200 (fully automatic optional) and an efficient cooling system is available.
ESM500 – High-end transmission for 50+ tons class vehicles
RENK France ESM 500 Automatic Transmission MBT 925 001
The ESM 500 is a transmission for modern main battle tanks, in service with the French Army LECLERC Main Battle Tanks, featuring five speeds forward and two speeds reverse. It is equipped with a high power braking system with secondary retarder and carbon friction brakes.
The automatic gearbox ESM500, can be coupled to a maximum 1600hp engine. A complete powerpack can also be proposed for other applications like Al-Khalid or other ‘above 50 tons class’ vehicles.