Belgian Military equipment and weapons accessories from Belgium

The F-11 and the F-18 are two models of anti-ram mobile barrier developed, designed and manufactured by the Belgian Company Pitagone to offer a new generation of counter-terrorism solutions against ramming attacks of cars or trucks. F-11 and F-18 are manually movable and require no machinery to place or re-locate them, thus allowing for ingress and egress of emergency any priority vehicles.

FN Herstal Black Box Electronic system of control for weapons
The FN Herstal Black Box is an electronic system for efficient weapons operations and maintenance logistics. Taking advantage of innovative technologies, FN Herstal has designed and built an easy to use Black Box that acts as a weapon manager for efficient protection in day-to-day operations.

CMI Defence Training and Simulation Systems
CMI Defence Simulation Systems technical data sheet description specifications information intelligence pictures photos images CMI Defence Cockerill Belgium Belgian army weapons Defence industry military technology
CMI Defence has the expertise to provide its customers with highly developed simulation systems, applicable to the full range of weapon systems. The Simulators provide customized training solutions throughout the spectrum of military requirements, encompassing basic drill practice, operational and tactical levels.
Technical Data Sheet, specifications, description, information, pictures

FN FCU Fire Control Unit
FN FCU Fire Control Unit grenade launcher Herstal technical data sheet description specifications information intelligence pictures photos images Belgium Belgian army weapons Defence industry military technology
The FN Fire Control Unit (FCU) is an advanced sight designed for use with the 40mm MK 13 MOD 0 (EGLM). The FCU provides a first round on target hit ratio of 80%. The FCU is primarily designed to be used with Medium Velocity 40mm grenades; however, all Low Velocity 40mm grenades are compatible as well.

The FN® Expert is a marksmanship shooting training system for assault rifle and pistol that provides instruction to both shooters (from beginner to already confirmed) and coaches. The simulation system focuses on training fundamental shooting skills (sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze, etc.), building muscle memory and providing feedback following the shotThe contact, announced by the Department of Defense on Tuesday, also includes spares parts packages for customers both in the U.S. and exported models in service worldwide.

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