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Airbus from Spain and CIAC (Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana) from Colombia work together to develop a new generation of drone under the program name of SiRTAP (Sistema RPAS Táctico de Altas Prestaciones) based on the Atlante MALE (Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance) UAV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle).

American Company AM General continues to offer its full range of HUMVEE tactical vehicles family for Latin America armed forces at ExpoDefensa 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. The high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is a tactical vehicle designed and produced in the United States by the Company AM General.

At ExpoDefensa 2019, International Defense and Security exhibition in Colombia, MBDA, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of missile systems, presents possible upgrade solutions for the Almirante Padilla-class frigate of Colombian Navy with VL-MICA or SeaCeptor (CAMM) air-defense missile systems as well as air-to-air missile solutions for the next fighter aircraft of Colombian Air Force.

At ExpoDefensa 2019, Colombian Company INDUMIL unveils its new "PRM" demining Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) specially designed to perform neutralization of improvised explosive devices, land mines or non-detonated ammunition. The PRM robot is fully designed and manufactured in Colombia by the Company INDUMIL using the experience and the know-how of formerly Colombian soldiers.

British Company ARMTRAC showcases its 20T C-IED Robot Mk2 Unmanned Ground Vehicle at ExpoDefensa 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. Armtrac Ltd, based in Cambridgeshire UK manufactures quality, safe and value for money mechanical equipment to counter the threat from Explosive Ordnance (EO) including landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Booby Traps.

At ExpoDefensa 2019, the Swedish Company SAAB promotes its single-seat and dual-seat Gripen fighters to replace Kfir combat aircraft fleet of Colombian Air Force. The Kfir is an Israeli-built all-weather multirole combat aircraft based on the French Dassault Mirage 5, equipped with Israeli avionics and an Israeli-built version of the General Electric J79 turbojet engine.

The French Company Nexter Systems, a member of KNDS Group presents its full range of defense equipment and products at ExpoDefensa 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. On the booth of Nexter Systems, the company presents artillery systems, a wide range of ammunition from 20 to 155 mm caliber, 20 mm automatic cannon range as well as unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) from its subdivision Nexter Robotics.

French Company Naval Group promotes its Gowind® multimission frigate and Scorpene-class submarine at ExpoDefensa 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in Bogota, Colombia. Naval Group is the European leader in naval defence and has been the main partner of the French Navy for over four centuries. Naval Group is one of the rare players in the naval industry to have the capacity to design, build, service and upgrade surface combatants as well as submarines, but also naval infrastructures and naval bases.

Israeli Company FAB Defense unveils a new precision rifle based on AR15/M4 assault rifle using different accessories developed by the company. FAB-Defense® has been leading in development and manufacture of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment, and weapon accessories for the State of Israel’s Military and Police.

ExpoDefensa 2019 is an International tri-service security and defense exhibition that will take place in Bogota, Colombia from 2 to 4 December 2019 will present the latest military technologies and innovations to respond to the new needs of Armed Forces and Security forces of Latin American and Caribbean countries. More than 130 companies from the Defense and Security sectors will attend ExpoDefensa 2019. Visit the list of ExpoDefensa 2019 exhibitors at this link.

The International tri-service security and defense exhibition, Expodefensa 2019 will take place in Bogota, Colombia, from 2 to 4 December 2019, with more than 130 exhibitors. ExpoDefensa becomes a key Defense and Security event in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the edition 2019 of Expodefensa, Spain is the guest nation with a total of 16 Defense and Security companies that will exhibit at this event.

From 2 to 4 December 2019, Expodefensa 2019 will gather international exhibitors from land, air, naval and security domains. Official delegations, defense and security forces, manufacturers looking for business opportunities and trade visitors from the entire Latin America region will attend the event. It highlights the widest range of defense and security products presented in Latin America. Expodefensa is an unmissable opportunity to develop network and businesses. It responds to the expectations of governments, critical businesses and industries and all private and public authorities of the Latin America region and the Caribbean.