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MSPO 2020

International Defense Industry Exhibition

Kielce, Poland - 8 to 11 September 2020

For 28 years, the September International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO has been the presentation platform for defense industry companies from all corners of the world yet the expo is much more than a comprehensive showcase of military gear and equipment. 

The expo abounds with business meetings. This is also the place where the defence sector producers from different continents sign contracts. MSPO is ranked third among all Europe’s exhibition, right after the Paris and London trade shows. This year’s MSPO is held from 8 to 11 September 2020. MSPO continues its many-year tradition - the Lead Nation Exhibition which has become an indispensable part of the expo agenda. The United Kingdom is this year’s featured country which presents its potentials. The Polish Armaments Group is MSPO's Strategic Partner.

It is worth recalling last year's success of both MSPO and LOGISTICS Expo - the 2019’s Defence Industry Expo in Targi Kielce has gone down in history as the exhibition which brought 610 companies from 31 countries, including 303 Polish companies; the expo hosted 58 official foreign delegations from 49 countries, 30.5 thousand guests from around the world joined the MSPO 2019, this number includes 13 thousand Open Day visitors, the final expo accord which accompanies MSPO. President of Poland Andrzej Duda visited the expo for the consecutive time.
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The MSPO 2020 defense industry exhibition that will take place in the city of Kielce in Poland will be attended by local and international defense companies from all over the world including MBDA, IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries, ELBIT SYSTEMS, RAFAEL, Rheinmetall, NAMMO, BOEING, Honeywell, RAYTHEON and Kongsberg. Polish and global defense industry leaders’ expo stands at the 2020’s MSPO showcase helicopters, armoured equipment and rockets, explosives, chemical troops equipment and materials complemented with armaments and aviation equipment, air-defence systems indispensable for air defence forces and the navy. The companies which offer cutting-edge communication technologies, radio-electronic equipment and optoelectronics will also showcase at 2020’s MSPO. The exhibition scope also encompasses food-stuffs and food preparation systems, storage and transport equipment complemented with various uniforms, accessories and medical supplies.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition boasts many-year tradition - Lead Nations' Exhibitions which have been an indispensable part of the Expo since 2004. Until now a whole array of countries have presented their military potentials: Germany, Norway, France, Israel, Turkey, the USA, Sweden, the V4 Member Countries, United Kingdom, Italy and South Korea. The UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020 offers the chance to visit the British Pavilion for the second time in MSPO history – UK was the Kielce MSPO featured country in 2010 for the first time. The 2010 UK MSPO Lead Nation Exhibition was formally commenced by Sir James Gerald Douglas Howarth, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom Minister for International Security Strategy. The 2019 US Lead Nation Exhibition was truly spectacular - the F-35 fighter model on show and the magnificent American army air-parade were real smash-hits. The UK Lead Nation MSPO 2020 promises to be equally impressive.
MSPO 2020, is now of the most important regional defense exhibition in Europe and the event will be covered by dozens of local journalists but also from around the world. 
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MSPO 2020
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