April 2018 Global Defence & Security Industry - Military News




Not surprisingly after the 14-April massive air raid on Syria, Raytheon has won another contract for Tomahawk cruise missiles. This contract is worth $143,270,000 and exercises an option for 100 full-rate production Lot 15 Tomahawk Block IV all-up-round vertical launch system missiles. Work on this contract is expected to be completed in August 2020.

The Israeli Merkava IV main battle tanks and Namer armored personnel carriers have been heavily used during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, last summer. So, the decision to double the orders for spare parts sticks to the necessity to maintain Merkavas and Namers in operational condition.

The European (potential) theatre of operations appears adequate for using a more mobile 105mm howitzer than a towed version. Hence a clever adaptation of the long-serving M119 howitzer, so much appreciated in the U.S. infantry brigades, on a light 4x4 vehicle.

The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic are planning to get 25 Zuzana-2 155 mm self-propelled howitzers (SPH) based on the Cold War-era Dana SPH, according to the country's Ministry of Defense (MoD). The Dana is a 152mm 8x8 self-propelled howitzer that was developed in the late 1970s to respond to a request for the Czech army for a new mobile artillery system.

The final testing of the “Vilkha” guided rocket is now complete. Over a dozen of UkrOboronProm enterprises, as well as other Ukrainian defense enterprises, are involved in the manufacture of this missile system which is claimed to be “better than the Russian analogue Smerch by all odds,” said Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

Serbia celebrated its Army Day on 23 April. The government wants to increase its military budget, currently set at 600 million euro. And, hence, modernize and reinforce the army.

On 23 April, BAE Systems and Dell EMC announced a collaboration to offer the first scalable, hybrid cloud solution of its kind for the U.S. government. The federated secure cloud is flexible enough to power agency-level IT modernization or support smaller, forward-operating units.

The Company NIMR Automotive, manufacturer of light to medium-wheeled military vehicles headquartered in United Arab Emirates has demonstrated its NIMR Ajban 440A light armoured tactical vehicle in Lithuania fitted with the Kongsberg Protector 12.7mm RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) and Metravib Pilar V Acoustic Shot Detection System.

Hensoldt, the leading German sensor solutions provider, is presenting its passive radar system called “TwInvis” to the public for the first time in live operation during this year’s International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) in Berlin.

Russian Central Military District special operations units have used Taifun-K armored vehicles for the first time during an exercise at the Shilovo training range in the Novosibirsk Region in West Siberia, the district’s press office said. Kamaz-63968 Typhoon is a family of Russian multi-functional, modular, armoured, mine resistant MRAP vehicles. The Typhoon family is part of Russia's Typhoon program launched in 2010.

The United States is building an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) base in Niger, Africa. These UAVs will enable the United States and its allies to monitor wide areas of West and North Africa for anti-government Islamic militants and other rebel groups.

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