Army Recognition Official Online Show Daily News and Web TV MSPO 2019

Polish Company WB Group unveils its new loitering reconnaissance UAV at MSPO 2019, defense exhibition in Poland. WARMATE Loitering Reconnaissance System is a fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, that is used for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance of the battlefield. Designed to complement the WB GROUP’s observation capabilities, WARMATE R is a cost-effective solution compatible with other WARMATE loitering munitions systems.

Polish Company Zaklady Mechaniczne Tarnow presents its Light Observation-Protective Container LOOK, a rapidly deployable solution designed to create defensive systems around military bases, airfields, checkpoints or outpost. The shielded container is used to secure and protect the soldiers performing observation and defensive tasks in warfare or peacekeeping operation conditions.

During MSPO 2019, PGZ Companies of Poland and MBDA from United Kingdom have signed a statement of co-operation to confirm readiness to co-operate on offering this solution to Poland and export markets, recognizing the combination of MBDA’s Brimstone missile with PGZ’s armored vehicle expertise offers the best solution for Poland’s Tank Destroyer requirement from a military capability, sovereignty and industrial perspective.

Polish Company Fabryka Broni unveils new 9mm VIS 100 semi-automatic pistol at MSPO 2019, the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland. Fabryka Broni is a firearms manufacturer who produces a full range of weapons including 5.56 mm x 45 NATO Beryl assault rifles and Mini-Beryl automatic carbines, 9 mm x 19 Luger PM-98/PM-06 Glauberyt submachine guns, P99 and PR-15 Ragun sem-iautomatic pistols, as well as various sporting, hunting and training arms.

At MSPO 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in Poland, Italian Company Leonardo in collaboration with the Polish aviation industry and R&D centers, present the next generation of multirole military helicopter concept based on the W-3 Sokół, a medium-size, twin-engine, multipurpose helicopter developed and manufactured by Polish helicopter company PZL-Świdnik, now part of Agusta Westland Świdnik.

The Polish Company HSW showcases new solution of mobile 120mm mortar artillery system RAK mounted on tracked chassis. The RAK mortar system is already in service with the Polish army mounted on the ROSOMAK 8x8 wheeled armored vehicle. The 120mm RAK mortar can conduct indirect, semi-direct and direct fire against mechanized units, command posts, command-observation points and fortifications.