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During the Arms and Security 2017, a defense Exhibition which was held in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Company Zhytomyr Armored Plant has unveiled a new fire support vehicle called Strazh, Sentinel in English. The design of the vehicle seems very similar to the Russian BMPT Terminator 1, using a T-64 main battle tank chassis with a new weapon station mounted in the center of the hull.

At Arms and Security 2017, the Ukrainian company CheZaRa introduced a new strike drone system jointly developed with the Polish armament group WB Group. The "Sokil" reconnaissance and strike system is designed to perform surveillance, detection, tracking and destruction of ground-based targets.

A new high mobility mortar system appeared during Arms and Security 2017 exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine. Produced by Ukroboronservice, a subsidiay of UkrOboronProm, the Mobile Mortar Complex (MMC) is an automated mobile mortar complex providing fire support for armored infantry units of company to bataillon level.

Engineers of  Techimpex are doing their best to ensure high quality of work and required service life for military equipment. One of the main activities of the Ukrainian company is upgrade and repair of armored vehicles, and for example offers repair and upgrade of BTR-60 to BTR-60T level, which now includes a new weapon station.

Matrix UAV, a subsidiay of the Ukrainian state-owned company UkrOboronProm, today introduced a new heavy quadcopter UAV, the Comandor. Showcased for the first time at Arms and Security 2017 in Kiev, the Comandor was designed with combined propulsion system, the company said.

The 14th edition of Ukraine’s Arms & Security international exhibition opened its doors today at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev. From Oct. 10-13, Arms and Security fair will promote Ukrainian military equipment, armaments and special purpose vehicles to the world market.