France Defense Exhibition News
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At Eurosatory 2022, CTA International displayed three variants of its combination of Nexter’s 40mm automatic gun and its own revolutionary 40 mm Cased Telescoped Armament System (40 CTAS) that provides a paradigm shift in terms of performance, versatility, and logistic burden. The 40 CTAS is easily integrated into armored vehicles for either new build or system upgrades. French Army’s new Jaguar is armed with this gun.

Eurenco, a European leader in the field of propellants and explosives for the Defense sector, and Saab AB, a global player with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defense to civil security, are finalizing a new long-term contract for the supply of solid rocket motor propellants & explosives for the Carl Gustaf medium caliber man-portable multi-role weapon system.

The Austrian-based company Ulbrichts presents the latest generation of combat helmets for soldiers able to provide a high level of protection against projectiles and fragments according to military requirements. In addition to their reduced weight, the latest generation of ballistic titanium hybrid helmets from ULBRICHTS Protection features numerous other innovations in terms of protection, comfort, and design.

In order to replace the VBL Light Armored Vehicles within the framework of the French army's SCORPION program, the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) launched the VBAE program in which the Belgian army is taking part. VBAE stands for ‘Véhicule Blindé d’Aide à l’Engagement’ (approx. : Armoured Vehicle for Support to the Engagement).

South Korea’s Hanwha Group and Norway’s Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on June 14 during the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition in Paris, France. The MoU was signed by Hanwha’s three defense business subsidiaries - Hanwha Defense Corp., Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA), and Hanwha Corporation - and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Norway’s major supplier of defense and aerospace-related systems and solutions.

Nexter Arrowtech has developed the 120mm SHARD armour-piercing discarding-sabot fin-stabilized (APFSDS) in order to give main battle tanks the means to face the latest generation of armored threats. This ammunition, presented on the Nexter stand at Eurosatory 2022, can be fired by all armored vehicles equipped with NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore guns, of all calibers and generations.

Recent strategic developments in Europe are putting CBRN (nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical) defense capabilities back on the table. Many defense and security forces around the world are eager to strengthen their fleets of CBRN-protected vehicles or upgrade their current fleets to the latest protection standards. To illustrate the possible answers to these needs, Arquus and Saab are presenting on the Saab stand at Eurosatory 2022 a Sherpa Light Scout from Arquus equipped with Saab's CBRN solution.