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AN/PSQ-36 L3 Warrior System Night Vision Goggle binocular
AN PSQ-36 FGS L3 Fusion Goggle System binocular night vision United States american defense industry 640 001 The AN/PSQ-36 is a binocular night vision Goggle designed and manufactured by the American Company L3. The FGS (Fusion Goggle System) combines the light amplification capability of Image Intensification (I2) devices such as AN/PVS-15 night vision goggles with the heat sensing capability of thermal imaging systems.

AN/TPQ-36 Counter artillery radar Firefinder Weapon Locating System
AN TPQ-36 firefinder weapon locating system United States US American army defence industry military technology 640 001 The AN/TPQ-36 is a mobile radar system developed by Hughes Aircraft Company and manufactured by Northrop Grumman and ThalesRaytheonSystems. The AN/TPQ-36 is a highly mobile short range radar which can locate mortars, artillery and rockets within the accuracy of that weapons system.

Boomerang Warrior-X Individual Soldier Shooter Detection System
Boomerang Warrior-X individual soldier shooter detection system  technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images US Army United States American Raytheon defence industry military technology
To increase the protection on soldiers outside of combat vehicle, Raytheon BBN Technologies developed Boomerang Warrior-X, a soldier wearable shooter detection system. Boomerang Warrior-X provides immediate indication of hostile fire or sniper attack and localizes the shooter(s)
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Bose combat vehicle crewman headset
The Bose combat vehicle crewman headset provides superior communication performance and hearing protection for crew members in tracked armored vehicles. The Bose combat vehicle crewman headset is the second generation active noise reduction communication solution.
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EQ-36 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar (Lockheed Martin)
EQ-36 Counter fire Target Acquisition radar is a mobile radar system manufactured by Lockheed Martin. The Lockheed Martin Corporation and SRC EQ-36 Counterfire Target Acquisition radar provides soldiers, leaders and units an extremely effective transportable system solution.
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Dell E6400 XFR Military rugged laptop computer
In 2009 Dell Inc. is seeking to join the ranks of rugged computer makers like Panasonic, General Dynamics Itronix, and DRS Tactical Systems with its introduction of the Latitude E6400 XFR rugged laptop, with ballistic armor and protection from dust and moisture for army, military, homeland security, and first responder applications.
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