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The CPWS (Cockerill Protected Weapon Station) Gen. 2 is the latest generation of remotely operated weapon station developed, designed and manufactured by the Belgian Company John Cockerill, formerly CMI Defence. The turret was unveiled in February 2019 during the defense exhibition IDEX which was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates). The CPWS Generation 2 is an innovative protected, light and multi-role turret responding to the evolution of the operational requirements of the world’s armed forces based to the previous version of the CPWS. The new version was developed according to the experience gained by the soldiers on the modern battlefield. The main difference with previous model of CPWS is the use of a mobile and removable hatch. It can accommodate 25mm and 30mm caliber cannons and an anti-tank missile capability. According to John Cockerill, the new generation of remotely-operated CPWS integrates proven advanced technologies that provide stabilized, survivability, high lethality at low weight. Thanks to all these new features, the CPWS Gen. 2 can be integrated on all types of wheeled combat and tactical vehicle in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 configurations as well as on tracked armored vehicle chassis. It provides light and high mobility vehicles and troop transport vehicles with high fire-power, increasing their capacity for firing support, self-protection and support.

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Technical Data

The CPWS Gen. 2 is a fully unmanned Remote Weapon Station (RWS) that can be armed with weapons with a wide range of medium caliber cannon of 25 and 30 mm as the NG 25mm M242, 30mm M230LF, Nexter 25mm M811 etc. The turret has a total storage capacity of 150 medium caliber munitions, depending on the type of weapon mounted. With this type of turret, the crew can operated and load the whole of the weapons system from the interior of a vehicle, thus remaining under the protection of the armor. In option, a 7.62 mm or 12.7mm machine gun can be mounted coaxially to the main armament and two or four electrically operated smoke grenade launchers can be mounted either side of the turret. It can be also equipped with two launchers for anti-tank guided weapons (ATGWs) mounted on the right side of the turret or one 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The turret is electrically powered with traverse through 360° and weapon elevation from -10° to 60°.
Design and protection
The CPWS Gen. 2 has a turret structure of all-welded ballistic aluminum armor with a single piece hatch using a unique design offering the possibility to raise the hatch into four positions depending on the operation environment. In fully closed position, the crew can operate in a hostile environment with a maximum level of protection while in elevated hatch position, the crew is able perform 360° direct observation maneuvers and, if necessary, the gunner can fire with its individual weapons. In Large Open Hatch position the crew can evacuate the vehicle quickly and securely. The hatch can be also removed allowing the crew to patrol in an exposed position, ideally for operations other than combat situations. The weight of the CPWS Gen.2 with the weapons but without ammunition and add-on armor is 850 kg.
The Cockerill® CPWS Gen. 2 turret is equipped with a bi-modal stabilized high performance (thermal) day/night sight for 24 hour use. The aiming system provides the operator with panoramic 360° vision, independently of the position of the turret. Once locked onto the target, the gun automatically aligns with the aiming system. A ballistics computer guarantees the highest probability of hitting the target when firing on the move.


Main components Characteristics
 - Stabilized thermal imaging system  - Gun elevation -10° / +60°
 - 150 rounds capacity
Options Caliber
 - 2 anti-tank guided missiles
 - 7.62mm or 12.7mm coaxial macihne gun

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