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New BAE Systems Ironclad multirole UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, the Defense and Security Exhibition in London, UK, BAE Systems displays the Ironclad™, a new Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) designed to take on some of the most dangerous jobs that soldiers currently face. Ironclad is small enough to negotiate tight urban environments, but maintains the mobility needed to handle extreme cross-country terrain. It can also be fitted to carry out reconnaissance, combat and casualty evacuation roles.

EXPAL showcase its solutions for air, land and sea at DSEI 2017

One more edition, the company will show its proposals and solutions for air, land and sea in this international exhibition, which will take place in London between 12th-15th, September. As part of the offer for the Army, EXPAL will show its complete solutions in ammunition for indirect fire support operations from 60mm to 155mm, with its 105mm and 155mm Extended Range family ammunition.

DSEi 2017: Harris Corp. lands $70 mn order from UK for T7 UGVs

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded Harris Corporation a contract worth up to £55 million ($70 million) to provide T7 robotic systems – with a highly intuitive control interface and haptic feedback – to support U.K. explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions around the world. The announcement was made during DSEI 2017 held September 12-15 at the ExCeL in London.

DSEi 2017: FN Herstal's deFNder RCWS now integrated on THeMIS UGV

One of the leading firearms and weapon systems manufacturer FN Herstal and defence solutions provider Milrem Robotics are introducing their first joint product, a weaponized unmanned warfare system, at DSEI 2017.

DSEi 2017: BAE Systems developing new augmented reality wearable display

BAE Systems is combining its most advanced display, tracking, and sensing technologies to develop a new, augmented reality (AR) wearable display for military and commercial customers, the British defense giant said at DSEi 2017.

DSEi 2017: General Dynamics starts AJAX's CT40 cannon live firing phase

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK has begun the industry manned live firing phase of the AJAX programme, with the CTA International 40mm (CT40) cannon, the company announced at DSEi 2017 exhibition in London. The five-month trial, which started in early September and takes place at ranges in West Wales, will test the CT40 cannon, Chain Gun and Smoke Grenade Launchers.

DSEi 2017: Rheinmetall in the race for Bundeswehr's MoTaKo project

One of the first tasks of commanders will always be to grasp the battlefield. A vital prerequisite for this is a common operational picture, an essential basis for successful network-enabled operations. At DSEI 2017, Rheinmetall is showcasing its wide-ranging expertise in this field.

BAE Systems reveals future autonomous tank concept at DSEi 2017

At DSEi 2017, the British defense giant BAE Systems revealed a future concept of the tank of the future as an autonomous combat vehicle supported by fleets of smaller autonomous air and ground vehicles, working together in the most demanding combat environments. Whilst soldiers will remain right at the centre of decision-making, the aim is to remove soldiers from some dangers, increasingly using an unmanned network for hazardous tasks.

At DSEI 2017 Hesco introduces the TERRABLOCK High Security Barriers (video)

At DSEI 2017, Hesco introduces the TERRABLOCK High Security Barriers, this new system has been designed to protect public spaces from terror attack.

DSEi 2017: Konstrukta-Defence to produce Swedish Army's Mjölner mortar system barrels

BAE Systems has contracted with Konstrukta-Defence,a.s, a leading defence company in the Slovak Republic that operates as an artillery system design house, to produce barrels for the Swedish Army’s Mjölner mortar system, the British defense giant announced during DSEi 2017.

Rheinmetall’s Lumenator and Vario-Ray series: small arms advanced modular accessories at DSEI 2017

Rheinmetall has added additional modular components to its Vario-Ray family of laser light modules. The Vario-Ray LowProfile and Lumenator, a family of separate weapon lights are on display at DSEI 2017.

DSEi 2017: AeroVironment's PUMA AE UAS receives new antenna

AeroVironment, Inc., a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for both military and commercial applications, today announced the release of a new, long-range tracking antenna (LRTA) for its Puma™ AE unmanned aircraft system. The critical upgrade extends the range of Puma systems equipped with AeroVironment’s secure Digital Data Link (DDL™) technology to approximately 60 kilometers (37.28 miles),significantly boosting Puma AE’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and enhancing warfighter safety.

Jankel unveils its new Fox RRV-x light tactical vehicle at DSEI 2017 (video)

At DSEI 2017, Jankel unveils the latest variant of the well-known Fox family of light tactical vehicles: the RRV-x. The Fox RRV-x is the new version of the Fox RRV (Rapid Reaction Vehicle) unveiled during the previous edition of DSEI.

NLMK presents its Quardian high protection steel at DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, NLMK showcases the Quardian high protection steel. The Quardian, high quality steel has many applications in the defense & security sector.

Simtech showcases its Flexcell self-sealing tank protection at DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, the International Defense and Security exhibitionheld in London (September 12-15) Simtech showcases its range of products and capabilities. The belgian company presents among other products its Flexcell self sealing tank protection.

DSEI 2017: Nurol Makina showcases the NMS and the Ejder Yalcin 4x4 armored vehicles

At DSEI 2017, Nurol Makina presents two 4x4 light armoured vehicle: The NMS 4x4 and the Ejder Yalcin.

Penman unveils a range of new multirole vehicles at DSEI 2017

Penman is a Scotland-based company founded in 1859, the company is active in a range of disciplines including Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic and Software Design and Development, Project Management and Integrated Logistic Support. At DSEI 2017, Penman introduces three new vehicles: The Metras MRV (Multi Role Vehicle) in 4x4 and 6x6 configuration and the LSA4 Air Assault Vehicle.

Slovenian company Valhalla Turrets unveils light tactical turret and RCWS at DSEI 2017

This year at DSEI, Valhalla Turrets, a Slovenian Company specialized in the design and development of Remote Controlled Weapon Station and manned turrets systems, unveiled two new products: the ASGARD, a light tactical turret system and the MIDGARD RCWS.

WCSP programme Lockheed Martin upgrade for Warrior IFV British army DSEI 2017

Lockheed Martin offers upgrade program for the Warrior MCV-80 IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle, WCSP (Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme). The Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) is introducing major improvements to the British Army’s Warrior armoured fighting vehicle (AFV), which was originally produced in 1984. This includes an innovative new turret designed and developed by Lockheed Martin UK (LMUK) in Ampthill, together with upgrades across the platform.

14.5mm remote weapon system IGG-RWS14 from UAE at DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, the International Defence and Security Exhibition in London, UK, International Golden Group from United Arab Emirates presents the IGG-RWS14, new generation of remote weapon system armed with one 14.5mm heavy machine gun.

Rheinmetall from Germany introduces new Gladius 2.0 soldier system DSEI 2017

German Company Rheinmetall is emphasizing the Group’s status as a leading supplier of soldier systems at DSEI 2017. Rheinmetall’s new Gladius 2.0 soldier system is debuting in London. Also on show are Argus, which the Canadian Forces are procuring under the name Integrated Soldier System (ISS) and IdZ-ES, which is in service with the German Bundeswehr.

DSEI 2017: BCB launch the 1st ballistic helmet compatible rifle stock

A versatile rifle stock that enables operatives to discharge their firearms while wearing a ballistic helmet with the visor fully lowered is launched for the first time at the world’s leading Defence and Security Trade event, DSEI (ExCel, London) on Wednesday, 13th September.

Esterline to install its rugged displays in Australia's Hawkei light armored vehicles

Esterline Corporation, a leading specialty manufacturer serving global aerospace and defense markets, has just signed a contract with Thales Australia. Under the agreement, Esterline will supply Thales with rugged displays and servers to be installed in the Hawkei Protected Mobility vehicles, the company announced on September 12 at DSEi 2017 in London.

DSEi 2017: AxleTech International and Thales announce long-term supply agreement

AxleTech International entered into a long-term supply agreement (LTSA) with Thales to deliver its 3000 Series Independent Suspension Modules (ISM) designed for the Hawkei 4x4 Protected Mobility Vehicle-Light (PMV-L).

NIMR Automotive from UAE full range of combat vehicles DSEI 2017

At DSEI 2017, The International Defence and Security Exhibition in London, UK, NIMR Automotive from United Arab Emirates presents full range of combat vehicles including the HAFEET Ambulance, NIMR RIV Rapid Intervention Vehicle, Ajban 440A protected tactical patrol vehicle and the JAIS 4x4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.

DSEi 2017: GDLS-UK to provide British Army with Ajax training solutions package

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK will deliver a comprehensive state-of-the-art training solutions package for the British Army as part of the AJAX programme. These solutions, in particular the immersive Crew Turret Trainer (CTT) and the AJAX Desk Top Trainer (DTT) are showcased at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI).

AUDS: The perfect solution for drones countering at DSEI 2017

The AUDS counter-UAS defence system, the world’s leading fully integrated military grade detect-track-identify-defeat counter drone solution – already deployed by national militaries such as the United States forces, has been enhanced for deployment on military and commercial security and surveillance vehicles and with new technology to more effectively defeat swarm attacks by malicious unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including long range winged drones.

DSEi 2017: Extreme Cases developing new lightweight shock proof backpack

Blackned, a leading designer and operator of deployable networks in the military market, asked the Extreme Team to develop a lightweight shock proof backpack, announced Extreme Cases, which is exhibiting for the first time at the ExCEL expo center.

DSEI 2017: Argon Corporation Introduces Production Ready ARD27, 27” Rugged Display Monitor

Argon Corporation, designing and manufacturing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) rugged display monitors and computers, is pleased to announce that our ARD27 rugged display has successfully passed airborne qualification testing parameters, including both environmental, EMI, and safety and abuse testing, regarding airborne C4ISR applications.

Rubb Military promotes wide range of deployable military shelters at DSEI 2017

Rubb Military team demonstrates deployable military shelter in support of operations, exercises or trials at short notice without the manpower and cost requirements of a permanent ‘wet build’ (i.e. bricks and mortar building) solution. The current capability means a huge hangar can be erected on average between four and seven days (wind dependent) and can accommodate all in-service fast jets, rotary wing aircraft and Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs).

DSEI 2017: Swarm Systems' Owl 4 micro-UAS enters the market

At DSEI 2017 Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition, Swarm Systems Ltd (SSL), announced the entry of its’ Owl 4 Unmanned Air System (UAS) into the sub-250g sector of the UAS market. Owl 4 is Swarm Systems’ fourth generation of UAS and is configured for the ‘flying binoculars’ mission enabling the warfighter to see ‘around the corner’ and ‘over the hill’.

Gulf nation selects Raytheon Boomerang shooter detection system

An undisclosed Gulf nation recently awarded a direct commercial sales contract to Raytheon BBN Technologies valued at more than $10 million for the delivery of approximately 2,000 Boomerang Warrior-X™ systems during the next 12 months.

Alcon launches new CIR55 bespoke heavy armoured vehicle brake caliper

Alcon Components Ltd, theMidlands, UK based acclaimed motorsport brake and clutch company, have launched a brand new bespoke armoured vehicle brake caliper.The new CIR55 has been designed and developed to fit 8x8 type military vehicles operating at 30-40+ tonne GVM.

Rheinmetall at DSEI 2017: The leading one-stop-shop for 40mm systems

Rheinmetall’s array of 40mm ammunition – along with quite a few other products made by Germany’s best-known defence contractor – serves as a veritable combat multiplier for the infantry and other dismounted troops. It bridges the gap between hand grenades and mortars. Besides ammunition and weapon systems the Düsseldorf-based Group also offers the Vingmate family of fire control systems. Visitors to DSEI 2017 can learn more about the world’s leading “one-stop shop” for 40mm systems at the Rheinmetall stand.

Locking tyre to the wheel: Tyron Runflat introduces Rubber Beadlock System

Tyron Runflat, a world leaders in multi part all terrain rubber runflats, has increased its range to include a rubber system to lock the tyre to the wheel. The Company Tyron develops runflat technology for civilian and military vehicles since 1977 and, once again, is highlighting its range of products at DSEi 2017 defense and security exhibition in London.

New TiCAM 1000B thermal imaging binocular launched by Thermoteknix at DSEI 2017

The British thermal imaging and night vision experts, Thermoteknix Systems Ltd launches the TiCAM 1000B, multi-function thermal imaging biocular at DSEI 2017, defense and Security Exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Founded in 1982, Thermoteknix develops infrared (IR) thermal imaging and thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software application products.

DSEi 2017: Morgan Advanced Materials discloses LASA ballistic shield mobile variant

To enhance mobility whilst delivering protection against a complex range of potential enemy threats, Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a lightweight, highly mobile trolley system for its series of LASA Ballistic Shields, which is currently being showcased at DSEi 2017 exhibition in London.

Kirintec Sky Net suite of counter UAS systems at DSEi 2017

At DSEI 2017, Kirintec presents a unique patented solution to counter this weapon of choice. Their Sky Net suite of products counters UAS being flown from many kilometers away, denying them entry to an identified exclusion zone. Sky Net is available as vehicle mounted solution called Longbow and man-portable solution called Recurve.

DSEi 2017: Newcon Optik showcases innovative laser rangefinders portfolio

Newcon Optik, based in Canada presents a wide range of laser rangefinders this week at DSEi 2017, London. Newcon Optik is a world leader in the design and manufacture of image intensified night vision, thermal imaging systems, laser rangefinders and other professional grade tactical optics.

Rohde & Schwarz promoting secure communications solutions at DSEi 2017

Rohde & Schwarz offers secure communications solutions that provide interoperability as well as national information superiority for all branches of the armed forces, the company said at DSEI 2017 in London.

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