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Day 1 for the Army Recognition editorial team at FEINDEF 2021 international defense exhibition that was held in Madrid, Spain from 3 to 5 November 2021. In this video report, we have focused on the latest innovations and technologies of defense and military equipment displayed by the Spanish Defense Industry.

Spanish company Indra is raising military training to the next level with the new version of its Víctrix simulator, immersing soldiers in a virtual urban environment in which they can prepare their missions with a huge degree of detail and accuracy until they achieve perfect execution.

At FEINDEF 2021, General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS) presents the new technologies that will be key for the armored vehicles of the future and that are already a reality as Optionally Manned Vehicles, Mother Platforms for Force Multiplication and Maintenance 4.0 Developments, through intelligent, digitized and augmented and virtual reality monitoring oriented to training.

In collaboration with the American company Boston Dynamics, the Spanish Company Alisys Robotics presents the SPOT, a new generation of quadruped robots that can be used for security or military roles. Two models of the SPOT robot were presented during FEINDEF including a surveillance version with a camera and a second model equipped with a robotic arm & gripper model.

GDELS (General Dynamics European Land Systems) - SBS (Santa Bárbara Sistemas) presents at FEINDEF 2021, defense exhibition in Spain, a concept of cooperation between manned and robotic platforms. The GDELS-SBS concept is based on a platform designed as a mobile command post (mother vehicle) which is complemented by one or more platforms with autonomous capabilities and which is also remotely operated in critical actions.

At FEINDEF 2021, Defense Exhibition in Spain, the Spanish company EINSA presents the Neton, a new 4x4 light vehicle that is now in service with Special Forces Units of Spanish armed forces. EINSA is a Spanish engineering company based in Madrid that develops, manufacture, and markets ground support equipment for civil and military aviation.

At FEINDEF 2021, International Defense Exhibition in Spain, John Cockerill Defense España presents its new product combining modularity, reliability and high performance: the Cockerill® 1030. John Cockerill Defence Spain is also exhibiting the 30mm and 105mm versions of the Cockerill® 3000 Series, of which hundreds of units have been delivered to the Middle East and Asia in recent years.

Typically developed for military uses, aunav.NEO is th the only EOD/IED/CBRN robot with a variable geometry system that allows its width to be increased or decreased automatically in a few seconds. This is an important feature, as moving in a narrow space may be followed by the necessity to increase the width for stability reasons when going up or down a stair, or moving on a side slope, for instance.