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Supacat, Rheinmetall Defence and SCISYS have partnered to showcase a new capability for light forces, the ‘High Mobility Integrated Fires Capability’, at DSEI 2019. The partnership demonstrates Supacat’s 6x6 HMT platform mounted with Rheinmetall’s MWS81 mortar system in its first integration on a light vehicle. The target acquisition and integrated fire support platform is networked with SCISYS GVA compliant platform and mission software.

The Company IAG (International Armored Group) with headquarter in UAE (United Arab Emirates) showcases state-of-the-art armored and MRAP vehicles specially designed for modern military and security forces offering a high level of mobility and ballistic / mine protection against new threats of the battlefield and terrorist attacks. At DSEI 2019, IAG displays two of its range of products, the Guardian Xtreme and the new RILA Xtreme in the category of MRAP vehicle.

BAE Systems unveils at DSEI 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in London, UK, a new version of its ARCHER 155mm mobile self-propelled howitzer based on a Rheinmetall MAN Military 8x8 truck chassis that is highly adaptable to diverse terrains and battlefield conditions, giving it the flexibility needed to meet a wide range of mission requirements for militaries around the world.

At DSEI, Fischer Connectors unveils as a world premiere, nine range extensions of the multiple award-winning plug & use Fischer Freedom technology platform. These new solutions are an innovation enabler in connectivity, particularly in terms of SWaP requirements, cable management optimization and wearable technology, for the Dismounted Soldier Modernisation Programme and in line with the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA).

The Swedish Company SAAB unveils ARCASe, reversible camouflage system for the protection of military vehicles and other assets at DSEI 2019, the International Defense and Security Exhibition in London, UK. Known as Advanced Reversible Camouflage Screen emissive (ARCASe), the system is designed to offer multispectral protection and protect the users in all settings, including changeable environments.

The UK Ministry of Defence has contracted Leonardo and Thales, under a single source procurement, to deliver an integrated UK Defensive Aids System (DAS).  The procurement will equip the RAF’s fleet of eight Shadow R1 intelligence-gathering aircraft, providing an advanced DAS which will protect the aircraft against latest-generation of Infra-Red (heat seeking) missiles. 

Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates tactical and strategic intelligence and digital communications sovereignty, as a systems partner and integrator for planning, developing, manufacturing and implementing secure communications architectures and monitoring networks. The privately owned company showcases an innovative portfolio of interoperable, high-performance solutions for deployment on land, in the air and at sea.