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International State Homeland Security Exhibition France

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LDS is introducing at MILIPOL 2017 a fully integrated solution using multiple detection technologies including laser detection technologies, dual Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) and chemical detection, that operate in synch. The HDK employs a proprietary algorithm to processes the feeds from each of the detectors.

The German firearms Company H&K presents the next generation of standard assault rifles for the French army at Milipol Paris 2017, the HK416 F-S (Standard) and HK416 F-C (Compact). In October 2016, the French Army has confirmed the selection of the Heckler & Koch 416 5.56mm caliber to replace the old FAMAS, in service since the 1970s.

The French Company Aeraccess unveils at Milipol Paris 2017 the Hawkeye, one of the smallest portable UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) available on the defense and military market. Aeraccess is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing drone based solutions, focusing sectors such as security and defense.

A leading tech enterprise specializing in security and mobility, Rheinmetall feels a special obligation to make the best-possible equipment available to the people tasked with protecting us. At Milipol 2017, rheinmetall presents its family of 40mm system and wide range of Laser light modules.

« Beyond the succesful completion of a mission, the number one priority is for soldiers to come home safe and sound. Many things are done to protect a soldier’s life, not so much to protect their hearing”. That’s why the France-based Cotral Lab is developing BANG, an innovative system which is reducing the risks of hearing loss and being showcased for the first time at Milipol 2017.

At Milipol 2017 held in Paris, 21-24 November 2017, N-Vision Optics introduces its Atlas Thermal Binoculars. N-Vision Optics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of night vision, thermal imaging, and custom optical solutions. With thousands of units currently in use around the globe, N-Vision Optics has established itself as a well-known global resource for night vision and thermal imaging equipment.

Nexter is featuring its equipment manufacturing subsidiaries at the Milipol 2017 exhibition to be held at the "Parc des expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte" from 21 to 24 November. Nexter's equipment manufacturing centre consists of a collection of innovative and adaptable SMEs, that provide services to the Group and to other industrial companies, and capable of meeting the requirements of both French and foreign Security Forces.

American Company UAV Factory Ltd. presents its Penguin C, a long-range and long-endurance UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) at Milipol Paris 2017, the International State Homeland Security exhibition in France. UAV Factory Ltd. is one of the world’s leading developers of fixed wing composite airframes, subsystems and accessories for small fixed wing unmanned aircraft industry.

At Milipol 2017, held until November 24 in Paris, the French unmanned platform manufacturer ECA Group and Delair are jointly proposing a new multi drone ground control station. This GCS, fullly developed by Delair and ECA Group, French specialists in civil, defence and security mini-drones, is changing the game for collaborative drone missions.

Italian-based Company Beretta unveils its new sub-machine gun 9x19 (9mm Parabellum) caliber named PMX at Milipol Paris 2017, the International State Homeland Security exhibition in France. Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) is the strategic alliance of four Beretta Holding defense companies: Beretta, Benelli, Sako and Steiner. These founding companies of BDT produce some of the finest weaponry and equipment in the military and defense markets.

ABIMDE (Brazilian Defense and Security Industries Association) sets the Brazil Pavilion at the Milipol 20th edition, which takes place in the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center from November 21 to 24. Altogether, 11 associated companies are at the fair showcasing the latest products and services in the Brazilian defense and security market.

First Responders, Police, Civil Defence, Special Forces and Soldiers are responsible for our safety and must face a new reality when preparing for any possible threat to the security of the country. With today’s increasing need for specialized Personal Protection, MSA has invested significant resources toward its research and engineering capabilities. MSA takes the business of protecting our troops and first responders very seriously, as evidenced by our long history of intimate working relationships with military command and local communities.

Chinese Company Beijing SZMID High Technology presents its automatic anti-UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) System DZ-DG01 Pro at Milipol Paris 2017. More and more illegal UAV are bringing big threats to the national security and social stability, but up to now there is no perfect technology to search, find, identify and locate them, especially for the hostile intent of the UAVs.

At Milipol Paris 2017, the German Company VTQ Videotronik presents its new and cutting edge VTQ Rifle Scope system that is convincing with a radio transmission of brilliant HD-Video. Wireless video transmissions from VTQ are highly rugged against any disturbance and offer a maximum of security of the transmitted data through a 256 BIT-AES encryption engine.

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