DIEHL Defence from Germany presents its new IRIS-T SLS Mk III mobile air defense system

The German company DIEHL Defence presents at Eurosatory 2022, International Defense Exhibition in Paris, France, its new IRIS-T SLS Mk III mobile air defense system mounted on Eagle wheeled armored vehicle in 6x6 configuration.
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At Eurosatory 2022, German company DIEHL Defence presents its new IRIS-T SLS Mk III mobile air defense system mounted on Eagle wheeled armored vehicle in a 6x6 configuration. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The IRIS-T SLS Mk III missile is designed to intercept a wide range range of aerial threats such as fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, anti-radiation missiles, cruise missiles, guided bombs, drones, and large-caliber rockets.

The protection of troops in motion against threats from the air is a challenging task. Diehl Defence has taken up this challenge and developed a highly mobile air defense system with fire-on-the-move capability. The proven IRIS-T guided missile is used in the surface-to-air version, thus providing effective protection against a broad range of targets. For IRIS-T SLS Mk III, radar, command and control system, and launcher with effectors are integrated into one vehicle.

In order to ensure a wide mission spectrum, the radar can be elevated which allows the system to be used under cover or for asset protection. Of course, Diehl Defence remains true to its unique integration philosophy for IRIS-T SLS Mk III and offers the possibility to combine different command and control systems, radars, and communication solutions into one powerful system.

The IRIS-T SLS Mk III missile has a pre-fragmented warhead and offers 360° defense against air attacks. The missile is propelled by an advanced rocket motor fitted with an integrated thrust vector control system. It is equipped with an aerodynamic hood to achieve an extended range of about 12 km. It can engage air targets flying at an altitude of around 8 km.

The hull of the EAGLE provides standard ballistic protection Level 1 STANAG 4569 against the firing of small arms 7.62 caliber and artillery shell splinters. The protection can be increased by the use of an armor kit to reach a Level 3 ballistic protection to stop 7.62mm AP (Armor Piercing) ammunition and to withstand mine explosions of up to 10 kg of TNT under the wheels and the floor of the vehicle.

The EAGLE 6x6 is a compact off-road vehicle motorized with a modern 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine Cummins ISB6.7 E3 245 Common Rail coupled to an Allison transmission 2500 SP with 5-speed automatic.