FEINDEF 2021: New Instalaza CS70 rocket-propelled grenade that can be fired from confined space

The Spanish company Instalaza unveils the CS70, a new type of rocket-propelled grenade that can be fired from confined space. The CS70 was displayed for the first time during FEINDEF 2021, a defense exhibition in Spain.

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Spanish company Instalaza unveils the CS70 a new generation of rocket-propelled grenades that can be fired from confined space. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Instalaza SA is a Spanish company that designs, develops, and manufactures equipment and other military material for land forces. The company has already developed the CS90, a 90mm caliber man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher weapon that is in service with 12 countries all over the world.

According to the name given by the company, CS70, the rocket will have a diameter of 70mm and the CS abbreviations would mean Closed Space. According to public information, the new CS70 will be fired from a launcher tube with an easy-to-use sight system which has an effective range similar of the C90 family systems.

The Instalaza C90 is a 90 mm disposable, shoulder-fired and one-man operated rocket-propelled grenade launcher (RPG) that can be fitted with a VN38-C night vision device for full night combat capability. It is being used as an infantry-type weapon and has a maximum firing range of 300 m against a moving target.

The CS70 rocket can be fitted with different types of warheads including anti-tank and dual-purpose warheads. In the future, the Spanish company Instalaza will expand with others. The launcher tube will have a shorter length and a smaller diameter offer a more compact anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade.

The CS70 has been specially designed to offer the capabilities to be fired from confined spaces such as from inside buildings and vehicle hatches, and from all positions. This technical feature offers the advantage to use the rocket in CQB (Close-quarters combat) scenarios, a tactical situation that involves a physical fight with weapons involved between multiple combatants at quite short range.