Ohio Ordnance unveils REAPR belt-fed light machine gun at SHOT Show 2024

Ohio Ordnance, an American company specializing in belt-fed firearms, made a significant impact at the SHOT Show 2024 by unveiling its Recoil Enhanced Automatic Precision Rifle (REAPR). Going beyond the realm of a precision rifle with improved recoil characteristics, the REAPR aims to revolutionize the world of modern standard light machine guns, particularly in the .338 Norma Magnum category.
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Ohio Ordnance unveils its belt-fed Recoil Enhanced Automatic Precision Rifle (REAPR) (Picture source: Ohio Ordnance)

The REAPR boasts several innovative features, including a robust and straightforward sheet steel housing, tool-free disassembly, and a quick-change tube that can be replaced with one hand. What sets this innovation apart is its ability to be disassembled into three main components - the receiver, handguard, and barrel - in less than ten seconds, making it highly adaptable for discreet transportation in medium-sized backpacks.

Designed around the .338 Norma Magnum cartridge, the REAPR introduces other intriguing design elements. One of these features is the side-feeding mechanism, crucial for accommodating powerful optics suitable for engagements at distances exceeding 1,500 meters. The clever design allows the belt feed to extend from the side of the housing, simplifying the process of opening the cover, even when using accessories.

The REAPR emphasizes its versatility by allowing the belt feed and tension slider to be easily moved from the left to the right side of the housing without the need for tools. The handle can be removed from the housing and used on both sides. In terms of firing modes, it offers both continuous fire when the selector is in the upper position and single-fire mode when it's switched downward.

The shoulder rest of the REAPR can be conveniently folded to either the left or right side of the housing, and its length and height are adjustable to suit the shooter's stature and equipment. For vehicle use, the shoulder rest can be replaced with a double spade handle, and it can be mounted on standard M240 and M249 machine gun mounts.

For those seeking versatility, a replacement kit is available to switch to the 7.62mm x 51 NATO cartridge. This involves replacing the feed, barrel, and bolt group to adapt the weapon to the new ammunition.

The REAPR is currently available for order as a test model for authorities and the armed forces, with series production scheduled to begin in April 2024. The barrel measures 624 mm (24.4 inches) in length. The weight of the REAPR is 12,156 grams. It boasts a firing rate ranging from 550 to 650 rounds per minute. It offers a combat range exceeding 1,500 meters and a maximum range of 6,700 meters for long-range shooting scenarios.

The total length of the REAPR varies depending on the configuration, measuring 1313 mm with the shoulder rest retracted, 1384 mm when extended, and 1124 mm when folded for vehicle use.

Ohio Ordnance's REAPR aims to position itself as a revolutionary advancement in the world of belt-fed machine guns, offering versatility, ease of use, and adaptability for various operational scenarios. Its performance in real-world situations and the reception it receives from the public in the coming years remains to be seen.