France to donate 3,000 155mm rounds monthly for Ukraine's artillery

France has pledged to contribute 3,000 155mm artillery rounds each month to bolster the Ukrainian Army's capabilities, Ukrinform reports. During the meeting, the Ukrainian delegation led by Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk outlined the current needs of the Ukrainian Army based on the evolving situation on the frontlines and potential future developments. The discussions also encompassed long-term military-technical cooperation to assist the Armed Forces in addressing potential threats.
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The Ukrainian artillery's needs for 155mm rounds are huge, hence the utmost importance of massive, reliable and continuous supplies by the allies, among which France has been an example since the early stage of the Russian invasion (Picture source: Ukrinform)

Collaborative efforts were essential in forming a unified approach among partners to address various issues. Topics of discussion included the provision of artillery systems and ammunition, the supply of spare parts for artillery systems or their domestic production in Ukraine, enhancing reconnaissance systems, improving artillery fire control, and organizing maintenance for artillery systems. Notably, the inaugural Artillery Coalition meeting witnessed significant commitments from partner nations regarding Ukraine's defense support.

Despite global challenges in ammunition and weaponry production, Ukraine and its partners are determined to explore avenues to fulfill the Defense Forces' requirements.

General Havryliuk expressed gratitude for France's consistent support, highlighting the country's plan to manufacture 78 CAESAR self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine, with 6 expected to be delivered soon. Furthermore, France's Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornu, affirmed their commitment to providing 3,000 rounds of 155mm projectiles to the Ukrainian Army each month.

The inaugural meeting of the International Artillery Coalition, which convened on January 19, brought together representatives from 22 countries in Paris. The Coalition's mission is to enhance Ukraine's Defense Forces' capabilities and introduce new artillery systems to support Ukraine's defense efforts.

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