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Medium-range air defense missile system - Turkey

HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish army defense industry 925 001


The HISAR-O is a medium-range air defense missiles system of the HISAR family. The system is developed by Turkish companies Aselsan and Rocketsan since 2007. The missile launcher unit is mounted at the rear of a Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 military truck chassis. The first flight test of the HISAR-O missile was conducted in July 2014. Three HİSAR-O Controlled Test Missiles (CTM) were fired from the Fixed Firing Platform (slant launch) and Missile Launching System (MLS, vertical launch) during the firing tests conducted between November 23 and December 8, 2016, at the Ministry of National Defense Firing Test and Evaluation Centre (ATDM) in Aksaray, south of Tuz Gölü, and the effectiveness of the missiles were evaluated in predetermined scenarios. In July 2017, a HİSAR-O missile was launched vertically for the first time, and its 360-degree protection capability was successfully tested. In May 2018, within the scope of the HİSAR Projects, missile-firing tests were conducted in June 2018. The testing altitude was stated to be 14,000 feet (4267 meters). HİSAR-O BTM test-firing activities were successfully carried out with the Missile Launching System (MLS). In May 2019, two Banshee Jet 80 high-speed target aircraft were launched from catapults at the Aksaray HİSAR Test Range. The HİSAR-O System first detected, identified, and tracked these high-speed targets, and then launched its missile from the MLS. During the slant launch test, different parameters such as target approach, radar lock, and seeker performance were evaluated. After the evaluation, it was stated that the system performed 100%, and the launch test was highly successful. According to news released on Internet by Turkish media on March 3, 2020, the Turkish armed forces could have deployed in Syria, new local-made air defense missile systems HISAR-O to increase the protection of Turkish troops who conduct combat operations in Syria.

HISAR missile family variants:

- HISAR-A: short-range version of HISAR missile family mounted on ACV-30 tracked armored vehicle chassis.
- HISAR-O: medium-range version in the HISAR missile family mounted on Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 truck chassis.
- HISAR-U: long-range version in the HISAR missile family mounted on on 8x8 MAN Türkiye trucks.

Technical Data

Weapon Systems
Armament:  6 launcher container, in two rows of three.
Launching Platform:  TEL - Transporter Erector Launcher, deployed vertically at the rear of the truck in firing position.
Azimuth:  0
Rotation:  0
Power system:  N/A
HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish army defense industry details 925 001
Type:  Surface-to-Air
Engine:  Dual pulse solid-propellant rocket motor
Seeker:  Inertial navigation system (INS) through a radio frequency (RF) data link
Warhead:  High explosive fragmentation warhead
Target:  Aircraft,Helicopters,UAV,Cruise Missiles and Air to Surface Missiles
Vehicle platform: Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6 military chassis.
Speed: 90 km/h
Range: 800 km
Protection: the crew cabin can be fitted with armor protection
Crew: N/A
Crossing Capacity: N/A
Amphibious Capacity: N/A
Dimensions: Length: 8.9 m; Width: 2.5 m; Height: 2.8 m
Launcher Unit: HISAR-O
Battery components: Three launcher unit (MLS), one Fire Control Centre (FCC), one Tactical Data Link Centre System (TDLCS) and one Electro-Optical System
Radar: KALKAN air defence radar
Altitude detection 50 km maximum
Range detection 120 km maximum
Number of targets: up to 60 targets


Type of missiles Deployment Time
Roketsan Surface-to-Air  N/A
Number of missiles Range of missile
6 25 km maximum
Altitude missile Guidance System
15,000 m maximum Midcourse Guidance with Inertial Navigation System and Data Link Terminal Guadiance with Imaging Infrared Seeker
Dimensions Missile Weight Missile
Country producer Countries user
Turkey Turkey, Bangladesh

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 HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish front view 001  HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish rear view 001
 HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish left side view 001
 HISAR O medium range air defense missile system Turkey Turkish right side view 001

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