Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile canisters will be produced in U.S.

According a presse release published on the official website of the Israeli Company Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) on September 6, 2018, the Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile canisters will be produced in United States by the Company Stark Aerospace Inc.

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Launcher unit of Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile (Picture source VOANews video)

Arrow 3 missiles canisters contain electronic components used to transmit commands, will now be manufactured by IAI subsidiary’s Stark Aerospace Inc., based in Columbus, Mississippi, United States.

Stark was recently chosen to manufacture canisters for the Arrow-3, an integral component to the latest generation of missile defense systems developed by IAI and deployed by the Israel Air Force.

The Arrow 3 is the latest development of Arrow anti-ballistic missile jointly developed by by Israel and United States. In January 18, 2017, Israel’s Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) transferred the first operational Arrow-3 anti-ballistic missile interceptors to the Israeli Air Force.

Arrow 3 is able to intercept ballistic missiles, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction, at altitudes of over 100 km, and with a reported range of up to 2,400 km. It could also be ship-based

Boaz Levy, General Manager and Executive VP of IAI Systems, Missiles & Space Group: "We are pleased to mark this event with our partners at Stark that symbolizes the full cooperation between Israel and the US. Stark's missile defense capabilities enable IAI to manufacture parts of the AWS in Mississippi and serve as a basis for future expansion on missile defense initiatives and other activities".

Moshe Patel, IMDO Director: "The Israeli Ministry of Defense is proud to mark here in Mississippi another achievement representing fruitful long term cooperation between the US and Israel for building a strong protective shield to the State of Israel against Missiles & Rockets. The strong partnership and commitment between the Missile Defense Agency and the IMDO created a world-class interceptor that, together with the Arrow 2, expands the ballistic missile defense envelope provided to the State of Israel. Stark company joins many other US vendors and manufacturers that do an exceptional work and produce high-end components to our Arrow, David's Sling and Iron Dome systems".