Russian Taifun air-droppable armored vehicle prototypes tested

Prototypes of the Taifun air-droppable armored vehicle designed for the Russian airborne force are currently undergoing state trials, Chief of the Airborne Force’s Automobile Service Lieutenant-Colonel Ilya Ivanov said. "Under the R&D work, prototypes have been developed on the basis of the Taifun vehicle and are currently undergoing state trials," Ivanov said. "If the trials are successful, the vehicle will be accepted for operation and its deliveries will start," he added.

Russian Taifun air droppable armored vehicle prototypes testedArmy Recognition
Taifun air-droppable armored vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

According to him, the Airborne force has received a large number of advanced motor vehicles in recent years. "One speaks about 100 Tigr and Rys special armored vehicles, 200 Snegohod A-1 snow-going and AM-1 all-terrain vehicles, UAZ Patriot light motor vehicles and Kamaz trucks that can be air-dropped," Ivanov said.

The Russian Airborne Force’s Automobile Service was reestablished on April 1, 2018 after a seven-year interruption in its work. It will make vehicular support faster and more effective. "The current year is very important for the Airborne Force’s Automobile Service, as it was reestablished after a seven-year interruption in its work and integrated in the logistics support department on April 1, 2018 by the decision of the Russian General Staff’s chief," Ivanov said.


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