Russian Western Military District signal unit receives P-230T vehicles

Signal units of the Western Military District’s combined-arms army have received P-230T command and mobile communication systems based on the Tigr-M armored vehicle.

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P-230T command and signal vehicle based on the Tigr-M chassis (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

"The advanced P-230T command vehicle allows establishing secure videoconference communication between the command post and battalion commanders in the field," the Russian Defense Ministry's press office said. The P-230T command vehicle was unveiled to the public at the Victory Day parade 2018 in Voronezh, in central Russia.

The vehicle has advanced telecommunication equipment for videoconference, telephony communication and electronic messages both on the move and at the halt. The vehicle’s automated workplaces allow commanders to monitor the operational environment in the mission area in real-time. Unit commanders can transmit data on changes in the situation to higher headquarters.

"The vehicle is equipped with modern telecom devices to provide protected telephony, teleconferences and electronic correspondence at the battlefield between the formation commander and superior headquarters both stationary and in motion. Automated workplaces in the latest vehicle allow the superior headquarters to see the real-time situation in the mission area and the formation commander to immediately transmit data on its changes," it said.

The new command vehicle is equipped with satellite communications to transmit data at a speed of 10 Mbit/s and HF radio to ensure reliable communications in a range of up to 50 kilometers with 300 subscribers. Uninterrupted communications are provided both stationary and in motion and there is no need to deploy equipment. The complex is highly resistant to jamming. The messages are reliably coded and rule out decoding if intercepted. The complex has autonomous power sources and life-supporting systems.

The Tigr-M or GAZ-233114 is an improved version of the standard 4x4 light tactical vehicle Tigr GAZ-2330. The vehicle is produced by the Russian Defense Company Arzamas Machinery-Plant, a Military Industrial Company subsidiary, keep on being refined continuously. The vehicle was developed by the Military Industrial Company in line with the specifications of the Russian Defence Ministry to expand the operational envelope of the Tigr special vehicle. Able to carry up to 10 fully equipped infantrymen, the wheeled armored vehicle Tiger-M has a combat weight of 5300 kg and offers a payload capacity of 1,500 kg.