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New armored bridge layer Leguan delivered to German pioneers

January 16, 2019 01:01
At the end of December2018, the Panzerpionier battalion 130 based in Minden became the first in the German army to receive two Leguan armored bridge layers. This closed a gap. Now, the new generation of combat vehicles heavier than 60 tons can also drive over…

Defense & Security Exhibition News

ShieldAfrica 2019: Army Recognition Official Media with Daily News & Web TV

January 14, 2019
Belgian Company "Army Recognition Group" is appointed with its online Defense and Security magazine Army Recognition, as Official Media Partner for ShieldAfrica 2019 International Defence Exhibition and Conference that will take place from in Abidjan, Côte…

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Soviet-made IFVs and APCs in Syrian conflict

January 16, 2019
As of early 2017, the Syrian governmental troops operated some Soviet-made BMP-1 and BMP-2 IFVs. The BMP-1 is supposed to be the backbone of the Syrian mechanized infantry.

Military Equipment / Defence Industry

Zuzana 2 155mm 52 caliber 8x8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer

The Zuzana 2 is an upgraded version of the Zuzana 155 mm 45 caliber version of the Dana 152 mm 8x8 self-propelled gun-howitzer designed and manufactured by the Slovak Company Konstrukta – Defence.