Turkey conducts operational firing test with HISAR-A+ air defense missile system

According to information published by SSB, the Turkish Defense Association, on May 4, 2021, an operational test-fire against high-speed aerial targets was conducted with the Hisar A+ a short/medium-range air defense missile developed and designed by the Turkish company Aselsan.
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Firing test with the HISAR-A+ short/medium-range air defense missile system. (Picture source SSB)

For the first time, the HISAR-A+ has destroyed a high-speed aerial target in fully autonomous mode using onboard detection radar and missile with increased performances in altitude and range.

The test-fire was performed at the Aksaray Shooting Range on May 3, 2021, and launched from a tracked armored vehicle ACV-30 designed and manufactured by the Turkish company FNSS. The HİSAR is a family of short/medium-range surface-to-air missile systems being developed by the Turkish Companies Aselsan and Roketsan since 2007. The HISAR-A is the short-range version of the HISAR family.

The HISAR-A+ is an upgraded version of the HISAR-A missile which can now destroy aerial targets at a maximum range of 15 km at a maximum altitude of 8 km, with 3 km more than the previous version.

The HISAR-A was jointly developed by three Turkish defense companies including Aselsan for radar, command, and control, and fire control, Roketsan for the missile, and FNSS for the tracked armored platform.

The Hisar-A+ launcher unit is fitted with four missiles ready to fire, with two launcher containers erected vertically on each side of the vehicle in firing position, while in road position, the canisters are stored on the roof of the hull.

The Hisar-A+ mobile platform unit is also equipped with a 3D search radar & IFF (Identification, friend or foe) a radar-based identification system designed for command and control, Infrared Sensors & Laser Range Finder, and Data Link. The Hisar-A can detect aerial threats at a maximum range of 25 km thanks to the radar mounted on the vehicle.

The tracked armored vehicle of HISAR-A mounts its own mast-mounted air surveillance 3D radar and an electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) system, allowing it to operate as an independent standalone system on 360° without the need to operate as a battery with a separate FCS (Fire Control System).

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