FN Herstal Moving Red Dot Fire Control Unit
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General information
The FN Fire Control Unit is part of an expanded global solution under development by FN Herstal. Known as Armatronics™, it is a fully integrated system of electronic solutions mounted on or inside a weapon. Additional enhancements for increased functionality to the system are on the horizon as new technologies are explored. Successful target engagement with tube-launched grenades requires precise range estimation to the target and launch at the exact elevation angle, hile keeping correct azimuth aiming. With FN Herstal's Moving Red Dot Fire Control Unit (FCU), the shooter can now rely on a light, compact and easily used device to significantly increase the effectiveness of grenade launchers.
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Technical data
The FN Fire Control Unit consists of:
- A laser range finder (LRF), which calculates the distance between the shooter and the target
- An clinometer, which measures the difference in elevation between the target and the shooter
- A ballistic computer, which calculates the angle of launch required
- A moving red dot sight (MRD), which gives the correct aiming point
The FN Fire Control Unit can be fitted on any rifle or grenade launcher type with a top Picatinny rail.
The FN Herstal control unit is equipped with a ballistic computer which can memorize and calculate ballistic solutions for up to 50 different grenades types and Takes into account and compensates for the initial angle of target in relation to the shooter.
Fire control unit
Country Producer
Designer Company
FN Herstal
Mounting system for all weapons, ballistic computer.........
Laser Range Finder (LRF)
  850nm version 1.5µm version
Laser Beam
Eye Safety
Visible Pointer
>900 m
850 nm
Class 1M IEC
Class 3B IEC

Class 1M IEC
Class 3B IEC

Power supply
Two CR123 type batteries
560 g without batteries
Battery time
- 155mm x 87mm x 76mm (overall)
- 63mm above the Picatinny rail
Moving Red Dot sight (MRD)
-Resolution: 0.06°
- Accuracy: 0.25°
- Max. sighting angle: >35° (>380m firing range with Low Velocity grenades)

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