NIMR has demonstrated Ajban 440A armored vehicle in Lithuania

The Company NIMR Automotive, manufacturer of light to medium-wheeled military vehicles headquartered in United Arab Emirates has demonstrated its NIMR Ajban 440A light armoured tactical vehicle in Lithuania fitted with the Kongsberg Protector 12.7mm RWS (Remotely Weapon Station) and Metravib Pilar V Acoustic Shot Detection System.

NIMR has demonstrated Ajban 440A armored vehicle in Lithuania 925 002
NIMR Ajban 440A fitted with Konsberg Protector RWS turret in  Lithuania (Picture source NIMR Linkedin)

The Ajban 440A is a highly mobile 4x4 protected vehicle fully developed and designed by the Company NIMR Automotive incorporating latest technologies of ballistic and mine blast protection. Designed for the harshest environments, the vehicle offers exceptional off-road capability as well as unparalleled reliability and performance. Due to the modular nature of the vehicle, it can be configured to suit a variety of operational roles and catering for various mission systems. This allows users to have a single fleet for a multitude of requirements whilst ensuring common logistic support and thereby lower the lifecycle cost.

NIMR vehicles are designed to meet military standards, with their lifespan far exceeding that of militarised commercial vehicles, up-armoured vehicles or those based on commercial drivelines. The evolving global threats mean operational users are required to seek industry leading platforms and technologies, and the AJBAN 440A has proven itself in the most arduous environmental and combat theatres.

Kongsberg is a Finnish Company who has developed a full range of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) especially design to provide flexible system solutions that meet military and security customer’s specific require­ments.

The Konsberg PROTECTOR RWS is a proven product based on millions of hours of operational experience in combat zones combined with a close cooperation with Defense Forces world wide. This weapon station is built for operation in extreme environmental conditions with capabilities that allow soldiers to operate from a protected position using stabilized precision optics and laser to observe, detect and engage targets with increased ac­curacy and reduced collateral damage.

The fully stabilized system of the Protecor RWS provides unmatched observation and engagement capa­bilities where the gunner is enabled to keep his sights on target, independent of the ballistic solution for the weapon in use.

The Pilar V is an acoustic gunshot detector designed and developed by the French Defense Company Metravib that can be mounted on any armored or reconnaissance vehicle. The PILAR system is a state-of-the-art acoustic device dedicated to detection, localization and classification of light caliber gunshots. It is composed of one or two acoustic arrays, a compact signal processing unit, and a laptop unit for the display of results. An optional observation turret is also provided and may be may be connected to PILAR system to provide a picture of the origin of the shot in real time.

The processing unit first performs the detection / recognition of acoustic events (MB or SW) and estimates the associated wave vector using the 4 microphones of the tetrahedral antenna.