WB Group showcases its Warmate and Flyeye UAVs at UMEX 2018

At UMEX 2018, held at ADNEC Convention and Exhibition Center, on February 25, 2018 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, WB Group the largest private Polish defence group showcases its tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): the FlyEye and the Warmate.

UMEX 2018 WB GROUP 925 001
The WB Electronics Fly Eye

The WB Electronics Fly Eye is a mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed and built by WB Electronics to provide advanced aerial reconnaissance capabilities to military and special operations forces. It can be deployed to determine target coordinates for artillery operations. Identification, escorting, target acquisition and monitoring of natural disasters and forest fires are also other uses, as is surveillance of battlefield and national borders.

The Fly Eye UAV is fitted with surveillance payload under the fuselage. This payload includes two cameras to capture video imagery in real time and provides improved observation range for the UAV. The drone is attached with a computer hard drive to record telemetric data. This includes data transmission speed, time, flight altitude and coordinates of current image, amongst other information during the flight.

UMEX 2018 WB GROUP 925 002

The Micro Combat Unmanned Aircraft System WARMATE

Micro Combat Unmanned Aircraft System WARMATE (Micro C-UAS WARMATE) is designed in order to support the following combat operations, depending on the payload in use:

Surveillance, detection, recognition and identification of the objects of interest (EO/IR payload GS9),
Detection and strike against the enemy personnel (EO-fragmentation charge warhead),
Detection and strike against the enemy’s light armored vehicles (EO-linear cumulative charge warhead).

The selection of the mission profile is being performed by choosing the proper payload/warhead just before the system operation. The payloads are interchangeable by sharing common interfaces. Micro C-UAS WARMATE can be operated as an autonomous and independent system, being transported by the army or special forces troops. The system has also the capability of being installed onboard of military vehicles, such as light tactical vehicle or armored personnel carrier. The subsystem as the Ground Control Station or Ground Data Terminal can be seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s onboard installation making it a part of the system.