Alpha Unmanned Systems Alpha 800 UAV Helicopter at UMEX 2018

At UMEX 2018, the leading Unmanned systems show in Abu Dhabi, the Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems showcases its helicopter UAV : The Alpha 800, one of the most reliable and durable unmanned helicopter available for a multitude of monitoring tasks.

UMEX 2018 Alpha 800 925 001
The Alpha 800 UAV developped by the Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems

Utilizing a UAV platform that flies in fully autonomous and/or manual mode – or both – the Alpha 800 does much of the same work as a manned helicopter but with far lower maintenance requirements and overall costs.

The system has a 2.5 hours endurance and a range of up to 30 Km. It is equipped with an on-board alternator/generator. The Alpha 800 has a payload capacity of 3 Kg and a high variety of payloads can be integrated. All on board electronics are IP64 or higher rated.

Very light and easily maneuverable at less than 14kg, it is not affected by regulations that severely limit the use of heavier UAV’s. Its light weight enhances versatility in a wide range of missions.

The Alpha 800 Helicopter UAV has many possible applications in commercial, public services and military sector such as: Intelligence Gathering, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Target Acquisition, Naval Support, Border Patrol, Surveillance, Tracking Moving Targets, Emergency Response, Public Safety Missions.