TAIWAN (Republic of China)

The goal of the Taiwanese Armed Forces is to defend the territory of the Republic of China, including the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kimmen, Matsu and other islets. The President of Taiwan is the Commander-in-Chief of the land, sea and air forces. The Ministry of Defence is in charge of the nation’s defence affairs. The total active manpower is around 275,000 at this time, 215,000 for 2014.
The land forces of Taiwanese Armed Forces are 200,000 military personnel, and a reserve force with 1,000,000 soldiers, with the structure:
- 3 army HQs, 6 Corps HQs, 18 divisions HQs with 2 mechanised infantry, 10 heavy infantry, 6 light infantry.
- 30 independent combined arms brigades, 2 independent armoured groups, 20 artillery battalions, 3SSM battalions, 3 helicopter brigades, 1 Special Forces brigade, 1 anti-terrorism company
- 8 SAM battalions (6 with HAWK, 1 with Patriot, 1 with Tian Gong)


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