IMI promotes the Lynx multiple launch rocket/missile system at SITDEF 2015 1605156

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14 -17 May 2015, Lima, Peru
IMI at SITDEF 2015
IMI promotes the Lynx multiple launch rocket/missile system at SITDEF 2015
Israel Military Industries (IMI) promotes the LYNX, a multi-caliber rocket/missile launcher system at SITDEF 2015, Lima, Peru. Established in 1933 and fully owned by the Israeli government, Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) specializes in the development, integration and manufacture of offensive and defensive solutions for the modern battlefield and homeland security.
IMI promotes the Lynx multiple launch rocket missilesystem at SITDEF 2015 640 001Israel Military Industries Lynx multiple launch rocket/missile system introduced at SITDEF 2015
The Peruvian Army is currently using a dozen Russian-made BM-21 "Grad" truck-mounted 122 mm multiple rocket launcher systems, a technology which is dating from the 1960 and which could be eventually replaced by a modernized weapon like the Lynx MLRS. The Lynx is a modular weapon system which is fully capable to fulfill the strategic and tactic missions of the Peruvian Army.

The Lynx is a cost-effective multiple launch rocket/missile system (MLRS) derived from a 6x6 high mobility chassis designed to fire any rocket from 122mm to 300mm. This full autonomous launcher can be reloaded in 10 minutes.

The Lynx MLRS can be configured to carry a variety of rockets in two sealed pod containers: 40 (2 pods x 20 rockets each) 122mm Grad rockets with a maximum range of 20-to-40 kilometers; 26 (2x13) 160mm LAR-160 or ACCULAR rockets with a maximum range of 45 kilometers; or eight (2x4) 300mm EXTRA rockets with a maximum range of 150 kilometers. Besides, this artillery system can be launch platform for the Delilah-GL precision attack weapon and maybe the LORA tactical ballistic missile which has a maximum range of 280 kilometers.

The Lynx's sophisticated fire control system has been designed to automatically identify the sealed pod container rocket to set firing properties accordingly. The high on- and -off-road vehicle performance allows to rapidly change position to evade counter-battery fire. The Lynx is provided with a precise navigation system and state-of-the-art communications and computing for network centric operations as an element of larger artillery formations.