German Federal Government approves arms exports to Gulf States

The Federal Government of Germany has authorized further arms exports to the Gulf States and other Middle Eastern countries. Deliveries go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among others.

German Federal Government approves arms exports to Gulf States
IRIS-T SLM tactical medium range air defense systems (Picture source: Diehl)

This authorization includes namely the delivery of four artillery positioning systems to Saudi Arabia, as a letter from the Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier from Wednesday to the Economic Committee of the Bundestag points out. The vehicle-mounted radars can locate the exact source of enemy fire, enabling accurate counter-strikes. In addition, exports of 170 warheads and engines for Meteor air-to-air missiles to Qatar were approved.

According to the letter, Egypt will receive seven air defense systems made by Diehl, armed with the Iris-T SLM rocket. Jordan has 385 portable anti-tank weapons from Dynamit Nobel. Prices for these deliveries are not mentioned in the paper.

In the coalition agreement, the Union and the SPD had excluded arms supplies to states that, like Saudi Arabia, are involved in the Yemen war. Exempted are already approved exports that have been proven to remain in the recipient country.