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The T-90M model 2017 also nicknamed Proryv-3 is an upgraded variant of the export version of the T-90MS Main Battle Tank (MBT) developed and designed by the Russian Company Uralvagonzavod. The T-90M Model 2017 is improved in terms of protection, mobility and firepower. The T-90M was tested by the Russian army during the military exercise Zapad-2017 which was held from the 14 to 20 September 2017. This tank was upgraded thanks of the combat experience of the Russian armed forces gained during the counter-terror operation Syria. According to the Russian News Agency TASS, the Russian army could order the first batch of 400 T-90M after the first trial test and the first T-90M could be delivered in 2018. The Russian Defense Ministry and the company UralVagonZavod has signed a contract for the delivery of T-90M main battle tanks to the Russian army at the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum that was held near Moscow in August 2017. According to a statement released on April 13, 2020, by the Russian army press service, the first T-90M Proryv Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) have been delivered to the 1St Guards Tank Army of Western Military District deployed in five regions of Russia.

T-90M Variants:

- T-90: first version of the T-90 tank family
- T-90K
: Commander's version of the T-90, with additional communication (station R-163-50K) and navigation equipment (TNA-4-3).
- T-90A: Russian army version with welded turret, V-92S2 engine and ESSA thermal viewer. Sometimes called T-90 Vladimir
- T-90AK: Command version of T-90A.
- T-90AM: Latest version of the T-90A.The main features include the modernisation of the old turret design, which is equipped with a new advanced fire control system "Kalina" (with integrated combat information and control systems), a new automatic loader and a new upgraded gun 2A46M-5, as well as a remote-controlled anti-aircraft gun "UDP T05BV-1". The new version also includes the Relikt (Реликт (динамическая защита) ERA bricks instead of the Kontakt-5 ERA bricks. Other improvements include a new 1130 hp engine, an enhanced environmental control system, and satellite navigation systems.
- T-90S: Export version of the T-90, later adopted by the Russian Armed Forces as the T-90A. These tanks were made by Uralvagonzavod and were updated with 1,000 hp (750 kW) engines made by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. These tanks carry a leaner version of the Shtora-1 passive/active protection system which lacks the infra-red dazzlers carried on the turret. These were initially supplied with cast turrets of the early T-90, and when stocks were depleted, new, welded turrets were fabricated.
- T-90SK: Commander's version of the T-90S, with additional communication and navigation equipment. It differs in radio and navigation equipment and Ainet remote-detonation system for HEF rounds.
- T-90S "Bhishma": modified T-90S in Indian service.
- T-90MS: Also known as T-90SM is a new modernised (M) version of the export tank T-90S, with a 1130 hp engine, a PNM Sosna-U gunner view - system surpasses the world analogues, effective defeat of the target in any weather (in the movement itself and in the movement of the target),a 7.62 mm turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS, GLONASS, inertial navigation systems, new explosive reactive armour (ERA) and steering wheel. A new removable turret bustle is included, which provides storage for eight additional rounds.

Technical Data

Main armament of the T-90M Model 2017 Proryv-3 consists of one 125 mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore gun able to fire standard ammunition but also anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) Refleks NATO Code AT-11 Sniper-B. The main 125 mm armament is stabilized and enables the T-90M to shoot on the move with a high probability of a first-round hit. Second armament includes one PKT 7.62mm coaxial machine mounted to the right of the main armament. at the rear of the commander hatch is mounted a remotely operated weapon station armed with a NSVT 12.7mm heavy machine gun. The T-90M carries a total of 43 ammunition for the 125mm cannon, 1,250 rounds for the 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and 300 rounds for the 12.7mm machine gun. The turret is equipped with an automatic carousel loader mounted on the turret floor and also on the rear wall of the turret. The carousel carries 22 ready use projectiles.
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry details 002
A remotely operated weapon station armed with one NSVT 12.7mm heavy machine gun is mounted at the rear of the commander hatch.
Design and protection
The layout of the T-90M Model 2017 Proryv-3 is similar to all the family of Russian T-90 MBT with a driver at the front, turret in the center and the power pack at the rear. The T-90M features a new all-welded turret design protected by the Relikt ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) armour fitted at the front and on each side of the turret. It features higher protection performance and serviceability compared with the Kontakt-5 ERA suite. The frontal ERA tiles are integrated with a single module that can be easily replaced in the field. The Relikt's effectiveness against armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) and tandem high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) munitions have been significantly increased. The lower part of the turret on 360° is also protected by an RPG metal net similar to the Q-Net add-on armor kit developed by QinetiQ to counter the threat of rocket-propelled grenades. It uses metal nodes connecting the net to disrupt the fusing of the warhead. The front of the hull is also protected by a modular ERA and each side is fitted with additional armour plates at the front and bar-slat armour at the rear. The rear part of the hull and turret are protected with the same type of armour to increase protection against anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attacks. The T-90M has a crew of three with the driver at the front center of the hull which has a single-piece hatch cover that lifts and opens to the right with a single day periscope that gives observation through the frontal arc. The other two members are seated in the turret with the gunner on the left and the commander on the right.
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry details 001
The lower part of the turret on 360° is also protected by an RPG metal net
The T-90M Model 2017 Proryv-3 is motorized with a V-92S2 engine developing 1,000 hp coupled to a manual transmission with seven forward and one reverse gears. It can run at a maximum road speed of 60 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 550 km. The torsion bar suspension on each side consists of six dual rubber-tired road wheels with the drive sprocket at the rear, idler at the front and three track return rollers. Hydraulic shock-absorbers are provided at the first, second and sixth roadwheel stations.
Standard equipment of the T-90M Model 2017 Proryv-3 NBC protection, fire detection and suppression system, nose-mounted dozer blade and a deep fording kit. To increase the operational range of the T-90, two diesel fuel drums can be carried under the hull rear. A very unique feature of the T-90M is the wood log mounted on the right side of the hull which is normally mounted to the rear of the hull for all the Russian combat vehicles which can be used to pull the tank free from the mud. The T-90M is also protected by a soft- and hard-kill active protection systems (APS), which seems similar to the Afganit system installed on the T-14 Armata. According to Russian military experts, the T-90M is also fitted with a modern fire-control system providing tank-type target detection at a range of 5,000 m by day, an enhanced dual-axis gun stabilizer and automatic target tracker that can operate in hunter-killer mode.
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry details 003A wood log is mounted to the right side of the hull


Armament Armor
One 125mm cannon, one PKT 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, one NSVT 12.7mm machine gun Standard armor and Explosive Reactive Armour Relikt, RPG metal net, and bar-slat armor 
Country users Weight
Russia 46,500 kg
Designer Country Speed
Russia 60 km/h
Accessories Range
NBC protection, fire detection and suppression system, nose-mounted dozer blade, deep fording kit, modern fire control system, active protection system  550 km
Crew Dimensions
3 Length: 6.68 m; Width: 3.78 m; Height: 2.23 m

Details View

T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry front view 001
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry rear view 001
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry left side view 001
T 90M Model 2017 main battle tank Russia Russian army defense industry right side view 001

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