The Chief of the Army Staff, formerly called the Commander in Chief, is charged with the responsibility of commanding the Pakistan Army. The COAS operates from army headquarters in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. The Principal Staff Officers assisting him in his duties at the Lieutenant General level include a Chief of General Staff, under whom the Military Operations and Intelligence Directorates function; the Chief of Logistics Staff; the Adjutant General; the Quarter-Master General; the Inspector General of Training and Evaluation; and the Military Secretary. The total active manpower is around 900,000 personnel. There is also a Para-military forces with 185,000 National guards, 65,000 frontier guards, 30,000 Pakistani rangers, 2,100 Coast guards.
The Land forces of the Pakistani army is around 550,000 soldiers, and a reserve force with 520,000 soldiers with the structure:
- 9 Corps HQs
- 17 infantry divisions
- 2 armoured divisions
- 2 artillery divisions
- 7 independent armoured brigades
- 1 independent mechanised brigade
- 6 independent infantry brigades
- 4 independent artillery brigades
- 1 air defense command
- 7 engineer brigades
- 3 armoured reconnaissance regiments
- 1 Special Services Group (3 battalions, 1 independent counter-terrorist company)

Military equipment and vehicles Pakistani Army of Pakistan.