Third batch of ASTROS MLRS vehicles delivered to Brazilian Army

AVIBRAS delivered the third batch of ASTROS vehicles to the Brazilian Army in a ceremony on September 28th, at the 6th GMF (Grupo de Mísseis e Foguetes – Missiles and Rockets Group) in Formosa, state of Goiás.

Third batch of ASTROS MLRS vehicles delivered to Brazilian Army 001
A new batch of ASTROS Mk 6 vehicles 
(Picture source: Avibras)

The Brazilian Army received MK6 vehicles: two Fire Control Units, which coordinate and control the rockets launching procedures; three Mobile Meteorological Stations, that make the meteorological survey optimizing utilization and precision of the rockets; and three Mobile Combined Workshops, which provide maintenance up to the 2nd Echelon for a batteries of missiles and rockets.

The new vehicles are part of the ASTROS 2020 Program that contemplates the development of the Tactical Cruise Missile (AV-TCM) and the AV-SS-40G Guided Rocket, the modernization of the current 6th GMF vehicles, and the implementation of Forte Santa Bárbara structure. AVIBRAS is the prime integrator part of the program.

The date chosen for the ceremony was appropriate because it also celebrated the anniversary of the 6th GMF and diplomas were given to the military personnel and civilians who contributed to the activities of that Unit and among them, AVIBRAS president, João Brasil.

Military and civilian authorities took part of the event as well as a great part of the “Artillery Community” of Brasília, and also, foreign authorities represented by military of friendly nations.

João Brasil performed a symbolic handing over of the new vehicle’s keys to the Artillery Lieutenant Coronel Elson Lyra Leal, Commander of the 6th GMF. A commemorative plate was also given to General Carlos Alberto Neiva Barcelos, Logistics Commander of the Army, referring to the event.

The event also counted with a firing demonstration of AV-SS-30 rockets from the ASTROS vehicles, and the first firing was done by General Barcelos himself.

The presentation impressed the audience, moreover knowing that the ASTROS is a Defense System produced by a company 100% Brazilian, which has been developing technology for the past 57 years, bringing wealth and social development.