Firing of Chinese HQ-22 air defense missile system

The Chinese last-generation, medium-range HQ-22 air defense missile system is a development of the well-known Chinese HQ-12 (KS-1 series) manufactured by the State-owned Aerospace and Industrial Limited Corporation (CASIC).

Firing of Chinese HQ 22 air defense missile system
(Picture source: Chinese MoD)

The mid-range SAM system developed by the "061st base" rivals the systems of two other major Chinese SAM manufacturers, which are part of the same CASIC, as the Changfeng Academy of Chinese Mechanics and Electronics (also known as under the name of "Second Academy"), traditionally the main developer of the air defense system in the PRC (which notably created the main modern Chinese air defense system HQ-9); and the so-called "Eighth Academy" of Shanghai (Shanghai Space Flight Technology Academy) of another Chinese rocket and space company, the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CCAC), which produces a HQ-16 air defense system.

The HQ-22 medium-range air defense system was first shown at the Zhuhai show in 2016. Although this complex resembles the HQ-9 long-range air defense system, it differs in that the launch rockets is not performed vertically, but obliquely. The range can reach 100 km, the ceiling of the affected targets can reach 27 km, the complex (three PU) is able to fire 12 missiles on six targets simultaneously. The missile defense system is equipped with a semi-active GPS, the complex is based on the HQ-12 air defense system, but, unlike the basic model, it is equipped with "wingless" missiles. In its range, the HQ-22 is in the class of American Patriot-III systems, according to Chinese sources. According to their data, the range of the Patriot-3 is 80 km. The HQ-9 range is 200 km and, combined with the HQ-22, China acquires a modern medium and long range air defense system.


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