US Army grants a $12mn contract to Harris Corp for RF-3134 HF tactical radio antennas 22810152

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US Army grants a $12mn contract to Harris Corp for RF-3134 HF tactical radio antennas
The US-based company Harris Corporation has received a five-year, $12 million IDIQ contract to provide high-frequency (HF) tactical radio antennas to the U.S. Army. The award was received during the company's first quarter of fiscal 2016.
US Army grants a 12mn contract to Harris Corp for RF 3134 HF tactical radio antennas 640 001Harris Corporation RF-3134-AT003/5 HF full-loop antenna
Under the contract, Harris will provide its RF-3134 HF full-loop antennas, which can be used for fixed installations or on vehicles, enabling HF communication on-the-move. The RF-3134 interfaces with the Harris Falcon series of HF radios. It is lightweight and has a low physical profile, which makes it easy to install and uninstall.

"The HF full-loop antenna provides a combination of high bandwidth and signal efficiency that makes it ideal for on-the-move applications," said Chris Young, president, Harris Communication Systems. "Harris continues to provide advanced radios and related systems to meet the real-time communications needs of our nation's warfighters."

The RF-3134-AT003/5 is an on-the-move (OTM) vehicular HF Full-loop antenna designed for near vertical incident skywave (NVIS) communications. It is a high “Q” antenna providing required bandwidth with excellent efficiency, making it ideal for HF OTM NVIS operation. The RF-3134-AT003/5 provides limited groundwave capability to maintain line-of-sight links. The RF-3134 interfaces to the Falcon® II series of HF radios including the RF-5800H and AN/PRC-150(C) when used with 125W and 150W amplifiers. The Full-loop antenna is fully compatible with Fixed Frequency, MIL-STD-188-141B ALE, 2G and 3G ALE/data modes, when used with the RF-382A and RF-5382 HF couplers.

The Full-loop antenna is lightweight and has a low physical profile which makes it easy to install and uninstall from the standard Harris RF-292 Antenna Mount for quick interchange to other types of antennas. It does not depend on a ground plane and as a result can be used on most vehicles, or fixed installations. The RF-3134 has been designed for the same severe military environmental conditions as the rest of the Falcon II family.