Russian NBC troops armed with new hardware

The Russian nuclear, chemical and biological (NCB) protection troops are receiving a growing number of new hardware in the framework of the defense procurement order, the Zvezda broadcaster said.

Russian NCB troops armed with new hardware
The RKhM-6 is a chemical reconnaissance vehicle on BTR-80 base (Picture source: Vitaly Kuzmin)

 The disposable Shmel infantry rocket flamethrower is supplied to flamethrower units of NCB troops. The high-temperature explosion impulse is accompanied by a sharp pressure change which destroys troops inside fortifications without ruining them. Each shot is equivalent to nine kg. In a closed premise Shmel destroys all living beings on a space of 80 cubic meters and the destruction area in open space exceeds 50 square meters. The latest Shmel-M modification has a range of 1700 meters and precision distance of 800 meters.

RKhM-6 is a Russian chemical reconnaissance vehicle on BTR-80 base. It is designed for nuclear, chemical and biological reconnaissance and data transmission to the automatic troops command system. RKhM-8 reconnaissance vehicle is currently undergoing trials.

TMS-65 is a specialized chemical vehicle on Ural-375 undercarriage. It treats (degasses, decontaminates) hardware, equipment, low-rise buildings and erections by a gas or gas-droplet method and disinfects terrain. TMS-65 can set up major smokescreens to cover friendly troops from adversary reconnaissance.

TDA-3 smoke generator is designed to camouflage military facilities with smoke and aerosol screens. The generated smoke hides big spaces from reconnaissance and targeting by the adversary. Smoke mixtures used by TDA-3 can cover objects in the infrared emission band.

The universal UTM-80 heat engine was designed for the Strategic Missile Forces. It degasses, decontaminates and disinfects large objects, arms and hardware. The design of the vehicle helps treat large arms, including Yars missile launchers. The operator’s platform moves along the object at a height of 20 meters.

PMK-4 gas mask is an individual new-generation respiratory protection means. It surpasses all existing Russian and foreign analogues in protective characteristics and convenience of operation. PMK-4 is highly elastic due to the use of synthetic butyl rubber and silicon. PMK-4 can connect a water can and an eyesight correction system.

The heavy TOS-1A Buratino flamethrower has to destroy automobiles, armor and troops. It was developed from TOS-1 in 2001. The number of launch guides was decreased from 30 to 24.

The creation of a prototype of the heavy Tosochka flamethrower for preliminary trials is ongoing. It will have improved characteristics and higher mobility and can be carried by a wheeled undercarriage which is important in desert. The supplies of the system to the troops are stipulated by the arms program for 2018-2027, the Zvezda said.


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