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Turkish indigenous air-defence system would involve France and/or China
Turkey decided to cancel the procurement of a modern long-range, ground-based air-defence system from China, in what seemed to be an understanding of the western positions on the issue. The US and NATO countries considered the acquisition of a Chinese system as a choice with more risks than advantages.
Turkish indigenous air-defence system would involve France and or China
Turkey brings China back into the indigenous air-defence programme. (Photo: Turkish Presidency)

The decision to scrap the USD3.4 billion programme was announced on 16 November. The official reasoning for the decision was mostly based on the reluctance of China to offer adequate technology transfer. That was a crucial factor for Turkey, which planned to receive know-how for its indigenous air-defence system project.

Prime Minister Tayip Ergodan repeated the position that Turkey should develop an indigenous system on 18 November, during an interview at ATV and A Haber TV stations. He praised the country’s defence industrial capabilities and said that they should go even further in missile technology.

The technology required by the Turkish defence industries to bring about the new capabilities in a modern air-defence system, will be acquired through partnerships with foreign companies. This is currently something under discussion, as Tayip Erdogan stated. Nevertheless, he might revive western considerations, as these partners would be France and/or China. The Undersecretariat of Defence Industry (SSM) will be heading the project and the bilateral negotiations between the Turkish government and the Chinese and/or French.