Patria offers joint production on Lithuania’s IFV 42611153

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Patria offers joint production on Lithuania’s IFV
Patria has offered joint production in case that Lithuania selects its bid for the procurement of the new infantry fighting vehicle. The Baltic country is soon to decide which 8x8 fighting vehicle will be selected to replace the legacy M113 tracked armoured personnel carriers and initially equip two battalions.
Patria offers joint production on Lithuania’s IFV
Patria AMV 8x8 armoured personnel carrier. (Photo: Patria)

The Finnish company announced that it is actively looking for subcontractors that would become part of the supply chain. In case that the AMV will be the Lithuanian Army’s next IFV, Patria will collaborate with local companies in the assembly, manufacturing and delivery of the platform, and will set up a service support system with local industries already cooperating with the Army.

This opportunity will enable local companies to expand their operations outside Europe, given that Patria is constantly in search of new innovations with development and marketing potential still in its infancy. According to the Patria its industrial participation programme offers promising companies an opportunity to start cooperative undertakings in growing market areas, particularly in the Middle East.

The companies taking part in the competition are (vehicle offered in brackets): Patria (AMV); IVECO (SuperAV); Nexter (VBCI); ARTEC (Boxer); Otokar (Arma); General Dynamics Land Systems (LAV II); and FNSS (Pars). The Lithuanian Ministry of Defence had recommended last July ARTEC Boxer suits best its requirements. However, the country’s State Defence Council, which is comprised of the country’s President, the Minister of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a representative from the Parliament, will take the final decision.