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Denmark to start the artillery procurement programme
Denmark is starting the prequalification phase for the procurement of a new artillery system. In May it was announced that the acquisition was halted in order to direct funds in the repair of an AW101 helicopter that was damaged in Afghanistan.
Denmark to start the artillery procurement programme
A Danish Army M-109A3

In 20 November, the Danish Defence Minister Peter Christensen announced that the programme would finally kick-off, after an agreement was reached between the political parties.

The minister said: “An efficient and modern artillery is important for the army and the tasks they must solve – and therefore also important for Denmark. Therefore, it has been very important to me to make the decision to initiate the procurement of new artillery for the army. We have done today, and that is reason to rejoice.

The Royal Danish Army’s artillery equipment is operated by the 1st Danish Artillery Battalion (previously a regiment) with two batteries, which operates 12 M109A3 155mm self-propelled howitzers. The reorganization was a result of the reorganization as outlined in the Defence Agreement 2010-2014 document. The acquisition projects included in it are included in the Defence Agreement 2013-2017 strategy.

Every year, by the end of October, the procurement programmes planned for the upcoming year are presented to the parties, which are also presented with an update on the development and the costs, every three months. The latest Defence Agreement mentioned the need for fire-support systems, including artillery units. It seems now that the programme is back on track.