A higher-accuracy guided ammunition is being developed for Smerch and Tornado-S TASS 42311152

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A higher-accuracy guided ammunition is being developed for Smerch and Tornado-S
Higher-accuracy guided ammunition for the Smerch and Tornado-S multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) is being developed in Russia, Maj. Gen. Alexandr Dragovalovsky, deputy commander, Field Artillery, Russian Army, told the Russian News Service broadcaster in an interview on Monday.
A higher accuracy guided ammunition is being developed for Smerch and TornadoS 640 001Tornado-S multiple rocket launcher system
"The development is in progress. Guided projectiles will be developed for the Smerch and Tornado-S to take out targets accurately," he said.

As was reported in the press, Russia and China are co-developing a projectile for the 9K58 Smerch MLRS. It will be able to carry an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Russian manufacturers, in particular, Splav, Luch and Enics, worked on UAVs like that. The Luch design bureau developed the 1K133 UAV Tipchak that had been conceived from the outset as a supplementary reconnaissance drone for the Smerch MLRS. The Russian Armed Forces have been receiving the type since 2007 and using it in the reconnaissance role. China has displayed interest in the Tipchak too.

The 9K58 Smerch is a 300-mm long-range multiple-launch rocket system designed to deal with multiple targets, including armor, command posts and communications centers, at long range. The Smerch has a maximum range of 90 km and is in service with the Algerian, Venezuelan, Indian, Emirati and Peruvian armies in addition to those of the former Soviet states.

The Tornado-S is an upgraded variant of the Smerch. It comprises an upgraded self-propelled launcher outfitted with the automatic control system, exterior lighting equipment and 300-mm rockets with a maximus range of 120 km. The range can be extended to 200 km in the future.
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